From the MTC


Our family is so freaking awesome! William looks so cute, as do the rest of you. I wasn’t able to watch women’s conference, but if I get free time I will defiantly do that. I am so excited for General Conference! I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to the conference center this time, but I will love watching it either way. I go out into the field tomorrow at 4:00! I will send you the mission address when I get it. I got to see Elder Ballard speak last Tuesday, he encouraged all of us to strengthen our testimonies.  I have seen two of the elders from The District (the show). when we did infield orientation one of those elders was an actor in a little play the teachers put on. it was so much fun. The food is still not that good, but sitting with my zone is super fun, so I like meal time =). The investigator I was teaching (she was a member playing an investigator) agreed to baptism. I’m still going to count it lol. I have been able to do two family names at the temple! 


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I am in District 50, there are two sets of elders and two sets of sisters. The sisters are pretty cool, but my favorite is sister Passey (she reminds me of Tawny), we act like companions but my companion is really Sister Moan. It’s ok though, all four of us are together all of the time anyways. My comp and I are the Sister training leaders (female zone leaders), and I am the senior companion this week. The food here is so unhealthy, I have to remind myself not to eat dessert after every single meal, but the wraps are tasty. I got to see the temple dedication and it was so cool to watch thousands of hankies flying in the air at the same time. I went to the temple today and got to see a new video! The temple is always a good experience. Every second of my days are planned out, so I feel so tired every night, but it’s amazing to see just how much we can do and learn each day. We sit in class for most of the time, which can be boring, but we get to learn so much that it’s all worth it. one elder cried for the first three days straight, but he’s getting better now. The rest of the missionaries have acclimated well. It’s super hot, but it’s also a dry heat so I don’t mind. I can’t wait to go out and get started!  I do love home, but I’m not home sick. Have a fantastic week!



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