I know that God is really smart, and a great planner, and that members can receive revelation

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I’m glad you got my box! Everything has to go to the mission home, and there should be a letter arriving soon that will have that address on it. I think I’m good on winter supplies, thanks though. It would be super awesome if you would send me a twin size fitted sheet and a little blanket though. The Sister training leaders gave me a loose sheet a fluffy blanket that they said i could keep, but there is no fitted one and i get cold really easily so a little blanket would be fantastic. It’s not an emergency so if you can’t that’s fine.

 My trainer is Sister Meldrom, she’s from Southern Illinois and have six siblings too. She is really nice, and has a great desire to be obedient and follow the lords will, so that’s awesome. I’m in a really posh part of Provo. Every house we’ve been in is huge, and super fancy. It’s weird. We cover three stakes, the Edgemont, Edgemont North and YSA 18th stakes. We get a car! I was so worried about riding a bike in a skirt, but i don’t have to worry about that for at least three months. I’m in the Asian district, but there’s only one Asian ward so i don’t have to learn Mandarin (although that would be cool) Elder Issac from my district at the MTC has to learn Mandarin, it’s really weird that we were put in the same district in the field. the poor guy said he only spoke in two lessons b/c they happened to know English. My first night was slow because the two appointments she had for that day cancelled, so we started contacting referrals. It was kind of a disappointing day, but on our last stop we went to a house of a less active and her eyes were so big when she saw us. She asked how we knew to go to her house, and we told her about a lady in the ward who referred her to us. she was touched that someone in the ward, that she didn’t even know, was thinking about her, and she said that she had prayed for the first time in years the night before. she asked if we would give her the lessons, which we obviously agreed to. We came back the next day to give her the lesson and it was awesome. she has agreed to prepare to be worthy to be sealed in the temples with her two daughters and she is reading the book of Mormon. it was great to feel the spirit so strongly in one of the first lessons I got to teach. So now I know that God is really smart, and a great planner, and that members can receive revelation that will help this great work go forth too! I was able to invite Greta, a 9 yrld girl, to be baptized. The date is set for Nov. 22nd.Sister Meldrom is great, and it has been wonderful to be here, even if it is super cold. I loved conference. I especially loved Elder Hollands in the second session. the story of President Monson flying home in his slippers was so precious! I also like the talk on being healthy. I’m am going to tell families that I’m allergic to sugar so i don’t have to eat any more desserts. I’v had like three pies since I’ve been here, and i don’t even like pie! I pray for you every night, but It’s great to know other people pray for you too. 
 The pictures are of my comp, and my last days at the MTC. The two elders on the ends are the one’s who went to Provo ( the elder with the blue tie is the one who has to learn Mandarin) and the one in the middle was the one who went to California. The chair is because it was one of the elders birthday so we decorated his chair and gave him a card.  
I love and miss you,
Sister Inman

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