I absolutely loved my package

I absolutely loved my package! The blanket is possibly the softest blanket I have ever felt. The sheet is the perfect size and the card was so cute.  I brought the chocolates with me to watch Meet the Mormons and the Elders ate most of them, but I loved what I did eat 🙂 It was so great to find that when we came home,  I definitely fell asleep smiling. Thank you so very much Sister Hall and whoever else was involved! So like I said,  I got to see meet the Mormons. All the missionaries got to see it before it “officially” came out so that we could talk it up to everyone we saw, and it was fantastic,  I wish  I could watch it a second time. My area goes up into the mountains and it is so cool to look out over the whole city at night time. It was really cool to see the temple from so high up.  I got a Mission journal, I try to write down the highlights of everyday, but I don’t have a lot of time at night. This week I gave a talk in one of the 30 wards we’re over.  I think it went alright, it was a little short, but afterwards a lady told me that she was giving a lesson on what I talked about, and a lot of people thanked us for giving a talk. It was a little strange because  I don’t usually get thanked for giving talks, but it was nice. We have to give two talks next week.  I guess I’m going to have to get used to public speaking because we do it a lot here. Sometimes wards don’t even know they have missionaries until we give a talk, so that’s why we do it so often. oct 2014 1 oct 2014 2 oct 2014 3 oct 2014 4( I was wearing shoes) and  I was so happy because it reminded me of Colorado.  I haven’t seen goatheads in years! We met another sister this week who started crying when came to her door. She also asked how we knew to come, it was like dejavou, and we were able to have a great talk with her. her youngest son was having problems and she felt that it reflected badly on her so she stopped going to church because she felt judged for it. We had a great talk with her and she said she wanted to go back to church, and that she is working through the social anxiety that she has.  I would be great if you could pray for her and her son.  I love this area, and the people are so great! May God bless you, everyone.


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