then I remember that I get to help other people

I am pretty warm. It’s weird because the sun actually effects the heat, so if I’m in the sun I’m warm and if I’m in the shade I get cold. Dry heat is so cool. I heard that [  ] could feel our fast, that is so cool and shows how awesome the power of fast is. It’s great that the family is getting together, we’ll at least some of the family. And I’m so excited about William!

The work is awesome. We have an area that is filled with members and it has a very high activation rate, the highest in the country actually, but I love the place. The members are great and are vary faithful in feeding us and just helping us out. Last Monday we ran into a guy who showed us his story in the ensign then gave us a bag of Apple and a lady gave us free coins for the car wash, the another lady bought all of our Groceries, and right outside the store a guy gave us a free loaf of bread. The people are very nice and we have a lot of offers from RM’s to go on splits or just go teaching with us. I wish we had more people to teach, but I know we’ll find more people soon. If you could pray that we can find the people in our area that need us that would be very helpful. I love the three hours every morning that I get to study. My hour of personal study is the best. I can understand the gospel and how it applies to me and I never want to stop studying. But then I remember that I get to help other people learn more about the gospel and I am get excited for the day again. I pray that all of you prosper in you daily endeavors.

Have a blessed day,

Sister Inman


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