We can see how much having good ward fellowshipping matters.

That looked like fun. Sheralan looks so good, and Connor looks way too
old and handsome. I’m glad I got to see pictures of them.
I have seen so many blessing out here. We have a lot of ward members
who help us and great leaders. Dallin Oaks (Dallin H. oaks son) is the
high counselor over missionary work and he is great about helping us
with the work and keeping the ward mission leaders up to date. We can
see how much having good ward fellowshipping matters. There was one
girl who is a recent convert, but she didn’t want to go to church
because girls in YW were cliquey, the are going to a different ward now
because she was having so much difficulty. But now she is doing great
and loves church. We have a lot of people who are reactivated because
of a good fellowship that they had and it is so helpful when we know
the investigator is welcomed into the ward because we can’t with most
of our investigators due to the amount of wards we have. I love that
they still have someone to sit with though. People here like to do
things that they liked when their kids were out. It’s nice to have so
many missionary moms out here because they love to give us the
blessings that they want for their kids. We have has so many people
say ” when my son/daughter was on a mission the loved when someone did
is for them” the people are incredible and I feel so blessed every day.
We got to make brownies and bring them to people. We gave some to ward
mission leaders and to investigators that we haven’t been able to meet
with in a while and, people always seem more willing to talk with us
when we bring treats. I know that you get blessing from all the
service that you kids are/have given too. I am so lucky that I have
such an amazing family that is so strong in the gospel. I also met a guy
who just got back from serving in Harrison’s area and he said he knew
Harrison. What a small world 🙂

Have a joyful week!

These are some pictures some sweet missionary moms from the Provo area took and sent me through the week:-) 10708758_10152382724221951_2672071267015443827_o IMG_0007


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