This week there have been small, but wonderful, miracles.

Danni’s costume is crazy cute! People here are so nice. Last week for p-day we went up to Bridleville falls and it was so great. The weather was warm, and the trees were so pretty with their different colors. Last p-day we had a zone activity call they called the amazing race. We had to go out and do things to get points, like give a BOM to a non-member or sing a hymn to someone, and then we met up at a park and got to see all of the photos and videos that the companionship’s took. Sister Meldrom and I sadly lost, but we did get to meet sister Nibbly, she is the wife of brother Nibbly who wrote “I know my Father Lives”. she was so nice and she told us the story behind the song.

At the beginning of the week the sister training leaders messaged us and told us that they wanted to do exchanges on Tuesday instead of Thursday as planned. I got a little nervous because I had to stay in the area and we had scheduled all of our lessons for Thursday and we didn’t have any scheduled for Tuesday. But it all ended very well. Sister Lasson and I did get to teach, and we got free pumpkins which was awesome. I didn’t get lost like I thought I would, and I was able to do everything I needed to do. It was fun being able to drive again, and not have get out of the car to back anyone up. I am now half way through my 12 week training =).

This week there have been small, but wonderful, miracles. When I was running out of salsa for my burrito, we randomly got two containers of salsa from a ward activity, then someone called us to come and teach their mother, which was a great lesson, and they fed us breakfast. That same day we had lunch with three RM’s who knew one of the investigators we wanted to teach and we made a mission plan for them to fellowship her. we have also started this activity in one of the wards where, if we have open time, we will go to that neighborhood and give them a pack of M&M’s with our name, number and e-mail on the front, and we get to know the members better and give them a way to see us. We were able to meet a woman who had her less-active daughter and non-member son-in-law living in her basement and she invited us over to have dinner with them and teach a lesson. Then just last night someone called us and said they would like us to come and teach one of their friends. The work is moving forward! I can see the snow coming down the mountains, and it is getting cold, but at least it’s not the ice that you guys are getting. I think I should have brought a bigger coat, but I get to be in a car or a house most of the time so I stay warm. I have met a lot of women who talk about the missionary mom page, I didn’t realize how big it was. It’s so great to meet the people here who are preparing for a mission and to see how proud their parents look, it’s always a happy occasion. One family that we had dinner with said that Dad’s paintings were so beautiful, and that they looked like photos. I agreed, he’s the best.

How is everything going there, are you enjoying the almost empty house?

This life is awesome,

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One thought on “This week there have been small, but wonderful, miracles.

  1. U look so happy! So glad for even the small miricles. Keep up the work,stay warm,and know u r loved! Heavenly Father is verry happy with you!…huggs!


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