I am very happy and I love this work

I am pretty warm, being able to have a car helps :). Working with less actives is a great experience. Being able to teach someone who already had the gift of the Holy Ghost is different from teaching people who don’t even know about the Holy Ghost. But I love both ways of teaching. This week sister Meldrom and I got to see a radio play, where they have costumes but just read the lines into the microphone, of “it’s a wonderful life”. It was so well done and brought back the realization that money doesn’t matter, and true wealth comes from family and loved ones. It was directed by a great lady with Down Syndrome. It was so cool to see how happy she was about finally having her dream come true. I also met a guy with Down Syndrome who said that he wanted to come on a mission with me. He was so adorable, and he is a great example to his less active family because he goes to church every Sunday and talks about how much he loves it. One of the investigators that we are teaching read all of Moroni and said that it was scriptural. He has been having lessons for a long time and never thought that there could be more scripture than the Bible, but now he’s starting to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon and he said at he will read the whole book starting for the beginning. It was so great to see him grow and come closer to the truth through every lesson. I did not get transferred, and neither did my companion, but almost every other companionship in our zone is different now. It was really big transfer this week. I am very happy, and I love this work, even though the time goes by so quickly. Three hours of scripture study in the morning is the best!

With love,

Sister Inman

Oh, and I also gave a talk on gratitude this Sunday and I met a great couple who he a fish. It was a beta, and it was 2.5 years old. Yes, I do expect my fish to live through my mission. And thank you very much for taking care of it while I’m away :}


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