I feel so incredibly blessed

Christmas came early this year. I feel so incredibly blessed that I
don’t even have room enough to take it all in. This week my companion
and I were called and told to bring two outfits to the studios because
we would be in an instructional video. It was a little confusing, but
also very exciting. We found out that the church is making a video
that all sisters who will be helping at a temple open house will have
to watch. There were four other companion ships there, and we all were
very surprised by the announcement. We had to be at the filming studio
from 7am to 6pm on Thursday and Friday. They had a cool snack table
and they fed us lunch. It was so cool to see how movies are made. We
had to do some scenes in front of a green screen and there was a lady
who would fix our hair and makeup after almost every shot. We got to
feel the spirit as we learned what we had to do to prepare for a
temple open house. The video will be translated and broadcasted all
over the world (only for sister missionaries though). They said that
they will send you a copy when it’s done that you can either keep, or
throw away, so you will get a copy of a video that I’m in.

If I wasn’t fully convince that this is the best mission ever, I am now.

Then I got a package from the Boyce’s that was so sweet and just made my day.
We had great lessons, and we found out that a sister we are teaching
will be baptized soon because she was waiting for her boyfriend to get
back from his trip in February, but he decided to stay home so she
doesn’t have to wait so long to get baptized! It was so exciting.

Then I got a package from you and that was the coolest thing to come home
to. I really really love the hand and feet warmers, they are awesome.
I also appreciate the letter from Dannie girl, she sounds so mature
it’s crazy.

Then the ZL the texted and said they had a coat that Tawny
gave to me. I cannot believe all of the blessing and miracles that I
have seen this week. I get to learn the gospel and be blessed with an
added measure of the spirit, and people act as if I am giving
something up. We meet a lot of people who said that they would have
gone on a mission, but it looked too hard and I feel so bad for them
because I have only been serving for a few months and I already have
received so much more than I gave up.

I gave a talk this past Sunday on gratitude and I will give another this Sunday on gratitude, so I am
learning a lot about being thankful, and I have come to realize that I
do not own anything and I never have. Everything is the Lord’s and we
are too often entitled and think that we need more than what we have.
I thought that learning about gratitude would mean that I would
receive less so I could exercise what I have learned, but instead I
have received more than I could ask for.

This is such a great time and I am thankful for everyone who prays for the missionaries, because it
makes a difference. I am also learning how wise my parents are and
just how lucky I was to be raised by such amazing people. Life is
good, life is very good.

Have an attitude of gratitude,
Sister Inman

Edgemont sister – Sister Meldrom & Sister Inman


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