I don’t know where I’m going, but I really look forward to it.

some nice members in Sister Inman’s area took these pictures and texted them to Bill!!

Sister Inman 1

Sister Eve &Meldrom

People really love to give us dessert around this time, but I know that I’m much happier without it so I’m trying to eat only health food now. I don’t know what time I can video call though, because I don’t know where I’ll be able to do it at.


I will be transferred this Wednesday. The amount of missionaries is going down so they are consolidating areas. This area will be combined with a blue area and sister Meldrom with go with that sister. I don’t know where I’m going, but I really look forward to it. We had an amazing zone conference this week with Elder Clark of the seventy. He said that when we get home we need to start school and work right away (because not being able to work while going to school is a myth). And that we need to go on 2 dates a week. It’s not very pertinent to me right now, but will be great later. What I really loved is that he said that our missions are an outline for our future. What we do now, and how hard we work, will affect the rest of our lives, and before we get married we should call their mission president and ask what type of missionary they were. If he doesn’t say “excellent” then we drop them, so work hard ;). After the mission we need to plan out our day, set daily/weekly/monthly goals, and we need to have daily prayer and scripture study. After a lesson with a new investigator we were scheduling for next time and his friend, who just got back from serving in Brazil, pulled out his planner to write in the next lesson. I was so impressed, that’s exactly what we were just told to do. The new investigator has a hard time with gaining a relationship with a “dead” person through a book (BOM), and his friend bore a great testimony on Christ being Alive. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and every day I come to realize just how great and important that little book is. This mission is the best kind of work I’ve ever done. It makes me so happy and excited about life. There is a sister going home this week and is so sad because she just wants to be a missionary forever, and I can already see how she feels that way. Elder Clark also said that if we study and apply everything in chapter 8 of preach my gospel then we will triple our income! For the mission that means more success in our area, but he said it works for everyone on or off a mission. I am so excited to implement everything we learned and to become a better missionary. I’m sad that I am leaving all of the people we’ve been teaching, and that I’ve come to love, but I know there are great things to come.


I love you so much!
Edgemont sister – Sister Meldrom & Sister Inman


(Dec 8th)


Yes, I can do the google hangout, Can Miriam come over to house (over there) while we Skype, and what time can Harrison do it? The coat is very warm so I gave tawny’s hers back, and it’s grey, and I don’t know who gave it to me. I will definitely pray for David and Camden that is so sad about Lincoln.


Last Monday we played flag football the frisbee and I was sore almost all week, but it was a lot of fun. We have has such great weather here that I just have to wear a jacket and I’m fine. We have so many ward Christmas parties to go to. We typically have three breakfast and three dinner parties on Friday and Saturday, but sometimes there’s a Sunday thrown in there. The ward parties end on the 21st. We eat a very small portion at each one. It’s really fun, and we were able to meet a lot of new people, and we have a new woman that we’ve started teaching from it. At one ward Christmas parties they did a white elephant and a couple we were sitting with brought an extra gift so we got to play, we ended up with a big box of whoppers and a book on fibromyalgia. This week we set a baptism date for one of our investigators! She is so awesome and is already super faithful in reading and going to church. She likes the idea of eternal families, but she has been raised catholic so it’s hard for her to change some of her views. We have a less active that we’ve been working with who is almost completely reactivated. He believe the church is try again (he served a mission in Africa) and this week he is going to go to all three meanings on Sunday. Last week we committed him to read every morning and he was smiling the entire lesson. I know the Book of Mormon makes people happy, and now he does too :). We got to go to the temple today and I was able to get another family name done. It was such a great experience, although the temple workers always ask where we’re going on our mission because that’s the temple that the missionaries in the MTC go to, but it was still very good. Christmas time is so cool as a missionary because we can see how it makes people a little more open to hear our message.


Have a fantastic week!
Edgemont sister – Sister Meldrom & Sister Inman


(Dec 1st)

It’s weird to think of how empty the house is getting at home. Is it
any cleaner, or is it just quieter? I wish I could here Danni and
Camden, but I know they will do beautifully. I love that you guys are
doing so much towards your family mission plan, it makes me very happy
🙂 I forgot to tell you, president said I could do the three way call
for Christmas, I would just have to do it at the senior couples house.
So if Harrison can than let me know so I can schedule a time!

This week we got to eat with a less-active couple we’re working with
and she invited her friend from work, who also happens to be less
active. So it was a very productive meal. The husband of the less
active has never sat in on a lesson, and has never shown an interest
in becoming active again, but during the meal he was talking about
when he saw a woman and her children in a store and the kids were
scarfing down a box of Cheerios and it reminded him of when he was
homeless so he got them a gift cars for food. He couldn’t even finish
the story because was so emotional, and that was the first time I’ve
ever seen him anything but stoic. At the need of the meal he said that
he has missed the feeling of the spirit and he agreed to stay for a
lesson with us once a week. It was so great! It’s hard to have lessons
with anyone on holidays unless we are eating with them. So we had a
thanksgiving breakfast, lunch, and a dinner. I didn’t realize that you
can buy your entire thanksgiving meal already cooked. One woman that
we ate with said she didn’t cook, so she just bought the meal. She
also got five different desserts, and one of them wasn’t pie, so I had
a pumpkins role. With the family at dinner we played scum, and I was
the president 2out of the 3 rounds I played, And  sister Meldrom was
my Vice President the first time and the family kept saying “the faith
is strong with these ones” it was funny. It was a good day, and I
never even had to eat pie. My zone played turkey bowl with another
zone and we dominated. We’re not allowed to keep score so I can’t tell
you how much we won by, but we did win. We played “tackle” football,
which means they had to tag the person with both hands. The elders
never wanted to tag the sister, so we could usually get pretty far
before another sister tagged us. President McCune came and played with
us for a little while, and that was fun.  My poor companion got hit in
the head with the football, and an elder fell over her so she got a
bruise in her leg, and it’s funny because she said that’s the same
thing that happened last turkey bowl. Everyone was sore the next day
from playing, but we had so much fun that we are doing it again today
for our zone activity. One sister that we teach gave us snowflakes
that she hand made form beads. They are so pretty! An elder in our
district had a birthday and turned 20, so I am now the youngest person
in my district. I really love this work, and all of the amazing people
I am able to get to know.
Also have you seen the He is The Gift video? It’s so good, and it’s
perfect to share with other around Christmas time 🙂

Edgemont sister – Sister Meldrom & Sister Inman


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