Goals set with Heavenly Father are goals that will become a reality


There is a young man that we’ve been teaching who is in foster care, and his two foster brothers are already members but they are way less-active, and in our last lesson with him he convinced one of his brothers to stay in the lesson with him. The lessons went so well, and it turned out that the foster brother actually took missionary lessons before and he was helping the young man we’re teaching throughout the whole lesson. By the end the brother said that he wanted to work to get his temple recommend and the young man said that he would go to the temple to do baptisms with him after he was baptized. It was so cool to see how the spirit works within people. This was the first time that we’ve been able to teach either one of his brothers, and it was a wonderful lesson. We also stopped in on a family that we hadn’t seen in a while because he works with the snow plow and had to cancel due to weather a few times. When we got there she said who is coming to the lesson (because we usually have a member of the ward there to fellowship them) and we were surprised because we didn’t think they were expecting a lesson. Since we didn’t bring someone they call their friend over to help in the lesson and that was awesome. After the lesson she thought we were coming at 6 or 7 but couldn’t remember and that her parents, which are not that friendly towards the church, were coming over that night and said they would come at 5 or 6. She was worried that we would run into each other but she said she prayed and knew that whatever happened would be the will of the father. We came to her house about ten minutes after her parents left and she said she that she was very happy that there wasn’t any tension or arguing that would have come if we showed up ten minutes earlier. It is so cool how many miracles we are able to see and how much I can see how Heavenly Father is looking out for the individual. He is in the details of our lives and knows the best way to bring us happiness. At the start of a new year we have been teaching a lot on setting goals, and it has been so clear that goals set with Heavenly Father are goals that will become a reality. the purposes of the lord can never, ever, be disrupted. “Remember, remember that it is not the work of god that is frustrated, but the work of men;” D&C 3:3. I love you!

Have a wonderful New Year!

Sister Inman


Well, I’m sorry they (Dad & Enoch) were sick, especially during Christmas. Did you
guys still go to the theaters to watch a movie? I’m glad that you
stayed healthy, I’m sure the rest of the family appreciated that. We
went to a house of a bishop of one of the wards we cover and they had
a huge Christmas dinner that was awesome, then after we all cleaned up
a Samoan family came over and did a hula dance to a Christmas song and
it was so cute. They had twin girls and one of them is planning to
serve a mission so we talked for a little while. We also got to visit
a less active lady we’re teaching and the spirit was very strong in
the lesson. We have too much snow here, our little car has gotten
stuck three time already. But kind strangers are kind enough to help
us. Speaking of kind strangers, we went outside to find our driveway
completely plowed, it was so nice. We also have this wonderful family
that gave two boxes of food and supplies, and they said we could come
shopping at their house anytime. They are so wonderful, they come with
us when we teach a brother in their ears and they give wonderful
testimonies. I did not know that Lucy (Joseph Smith’s mom) went into the woods to pray,
that is a wonderful example of how much parents actions affect their
children. That is so awesome about the baptisms! The lord really is
hastening his work. Chris is such a great guy, tell him hi back 🙂
don’t forget to continue to fellowship the recent converts, and that
they go to the temple to do baptisms right away. The temple can help
people to true convention like nothing else. I love it so much.

Oh and at the Christmas conference the president and sister McCune
gave us a temple recommend holder that Simon Dewy made. And my
companion was sad she had scrape off the car windows lolDec 2014 2 Dec 2014 3Dec 2014 4

Christmas: web eve web harrison


(Referring to our hangout) That time works great for me! I hope that I will be able to get the technology down. I can never think of things on the spot, so I will write some things down, but you might want to come up with questions before we skype.

Enoch looked so cute making the ginger bread house. I love my new area. We only cover two stakes: Payson south and Elk ridge, and it is so beautiful. We have five people on date for baptism in January, and we’ve gotten three new people to teach since I’ve been here. In my last area the last lesson I taught was to the sister who I met on my first night. she wouldn’t meet with us for week and it made me so sad because I knew she was having a hard time and I really wanted to say goodbye before I left so I texted her that I would be leaving and when we went to her house she opened the door! It was so cool. She said that she did something she wasn’t proud of and she couldn’t face us, but she didn’t want us to leave thinking she hated us. We had a great lesson and she is doing so much better now. Her oldest daughter (9 yr) came and gave me a huge hug and said she would miss me. Her grandma said that the girl wanted to be a missionary when she grows up. It was so cute, and all we did was help her with homework one night. I’m going to miss that family, but I already love the people in my new area so much. and I started this area saying that I’m allergic to sugar, so I haven’t had dessert at any dinner! It makes me so happy. and my companion is great too, I can tell that I can learn a lot from her. I’ll see you at 12 my time =)Merry Christmas!

oh, and I got my Christmas package! Thank you so much. I might have opened one or two of them… and I absolutely love the earrings! they are so cute =) I will tell you more about how much I love them on Thursday


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