Everything denotes there is a God

So much is changing! I can’t keep up with all of it, but I feel
so much peace knowing that the lord is in control. Did you know that
you can order your ancestors patriarchal blessing? Do we have any
deceased ancestors who have gotten a patriarchal blessing, because if
we have I would really love to read it!

During our lessons this week we were teaching a woman who had
been struggling with a question she’s had for over a year. Her son was
watching tv but left and we couldn’t find the remote to turn it off,
but when she started talking about her experience of getting her
answer the TV froze and the power turned off, then when we finished
teaching and were saying the closing prayer and it turned back on again.
The timing was divine, and it showed how much importance God sees in
remembering our answers from him. She said that she feels a lot of
peace because of it and that she wants to become completely active
because she knows that God still loves her. It was such a cool
experience and I am so incredible happy that her prayer was answered.
We also got temple recommend holders for an investigator and his older
brother who both have goals to get to the temple, and they had such
excitement in writing down what they wanted and how they were going to
be able to make it there. The amount of lessons we’re teaching has
grown a lot so we have to go on splits a lot more now, but it’s
wonderful to see how the Lord is building his kingdom. I also get to see
the most beautiful sunsets every night. Everything denotes there is a
God. I’m so happy that you are loving your job. It sounds nice, Danni and Enoch are adapting to their new schooling pretty well 🙂 I very
much would like that ice cream, but for now it is replaced with the
sweet joy of the gospel.

I love you a whole bunch,
Sister Inman
Sister Tripp & Sister Inman


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