We see so many miracles

(Feb. 2, 2015)
I ordered the patriarchal blessing from g-grandma Howell, I hope I
can get it soon. I’ll mail you a copy when I do. What is the weather
like? Thanks so much for asking, but I am so provided for it’s crazy..
That’s so cool, I think they just look great in white 😉 (referring to the baptism of Rolf – Bill baptized him) the Book of
Mormon is such a powerful tool in conversion! It really does bring the
spirit like nothing else. Yes, time moves far too quickly and I don’t
like it. This Wednesday my companion is being transferred, so I will
take over the area and have a new companion soon. I love this area so
so much. This week we taught a less active foster boy, a few days
before he had told us that he signed up for the army and would leave
in May, so we taught about missionary service and it was such a good
lesson. At fast and testimony meeting on Sunday he bore his testimony
and said that during the closing prayer of our lesson he got his
answer that he knows he should serve a mission! It was the best, I
might have got misty eyed. And on Sunday I felt like we should go and
see his foster brother, who is one of our investigators, and my
companion wasn’t sure because it was super bowl Sunday and they would
be watching football, but we both agreed to go and try anyways. He was
in trouble when we got here so he couldn’t watch the super bowl
anyway and his foster mom let us have a lesson with him, which is
rare when he’s in trouble. It was really cool because he said that he
had prayed earlier that day asking for missionaries to come over and
teach him a lesson and that his foster mom would give him a second
chance. He was so happy during the lesson and during the lesson his
grandpa called and he looked like it was Christmas. When he came back
he said that he told his grandpa that he was getting baptized on
Valentine’s or he 21st and his grandpa said he would come down and
baptize him. It was awesome. On a less spiritual note, we were driving
down a road and saw this old lady running down the sidewalk trying to
lasso her little runaway dog. It was so funny to see, we stopped and
caught the dog right before it ran into the street. She was so
grateful, and a little winded, it was cool to see the great timing of
the Lord, but also hilarious. We see so many miracles and I absolutely
love my mission!

Love you so much
Sister Inman

P.s. You look so good, and Danny and Enoch are, as always, adorable ☺️

Sister Tripp & Sister Inman

(Jan 26th, 2015) 

Yeah, it was so cool. She (Sister O’Neal – a family friend) said that dad drew for her when he was living across the street. The temple activity (where Eve met Sister O’Neal) wasn’t even for any of the stakes I’m covering, we just got to bring one of our investigators so we went. It was so much fun to find someone who knew you guys! She said that she is in your wedding picture and that she was probably pregnant lol. They were awesome. Thank you for the names, I’ll see if I can get their blessings, and if not I’ll let you know. Enoch looks so tall! He needs to stop growing for the next year or so. I love that quote, laughing is so much more fun than crying. And you look prettier when you laugh haha.

This week I also met someone else who knew dad. We gave a talk in one of the wards and after he came up and said that he was just visiting from another state, but that he knew another Inman and Googled it to see if there was any connection and found that he knew dad. He said they went to Ricks together but haven’t talk for a while. It was so weird that we gave a talk on the one Sunday he would be there, and that I met two people who knew you so close together. This week on of the less active we are teaching got a priesthood blessing and went from smoking 20 cigarettes a day to smoking 5. He is slowly working on smoking 0! It is so wonderful to see how the priesthood blesses lives. It is the most touching thing when we get to teach fathers who have been less active for years, but come back because they want to be worthy to baptize their kids. I am so blessed to have grown up with a father who could bless me whenever I needed it. We had exchanges this week and I left to go with a sister training leader in her area, and they are Spanish speaking, so that was fun. at one house they lady was on the phone and invited us in, then she took so long, about 40 minutes, and I may have fallen asleep for a minute, but when she finished her call and came back in she got startled because she forgot we were there. It was funny. They had one lesson that was in English, and I liked that one. Not just because I could understand what was going on, but because it was for this guy who is wanting to be baptized, but isn’t married to the woman he lives with. We talked about him proposing to her and they were so cute, I don’t know when they will get married, but they said they will be! I know how to say “sorry, I don’t speak English” in Spanish because Miriam taught me how, and the sister I was with said that I didn’t even have an accent when I said it so it made it sound like I could actually speak Spanish. It was a fun exchange.  We went to a talent show that the special primary put on and it was so cute. They hold special primary every Wednesday for anyone who is handicapped or disabled and it’s for all ages. One of the acts was a guy who has Down syndrome and he played the violin. He had music in front of him and everything, but he just moved the bow back and forth. He did it for so long that people just started clapping because it didn’t look like he would be finished. It was so cute, and he was so proud of it =) last Monday we went to a Hindu temple and it was so pretty. There are a lot of similarities between their religion and our and it was cool to see. We also when to the elders landlord basement it was huge. They had a pool table, and foosball, and a club house and other stuff. It was a lot of fun.

I love you!
God speed


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