My new companion is sister Lani from Vanuatu

My new companion is sister Lani from Vanuatu (it’s by Fiji). She is
great! I think that an act of love a day is a wonderful idea. I very
much miss your back rubs, I hope the people you served know how lucky
they are 😉.  Enoch is very impressive, even with a ramp I think I
would get a gutter ball every other time haha. You look so pretty in
the pictures! I can’t imagine someone not getting excited about 50%
off goodwill, I’m pretty sure every missionary would love that.

This week we had a lot of people move, or finish the lessons, or take
a break so I thought that we would have a lot fewer lessons this week,
especially since transfer weeks are usually slower, but we had almost
the exact same amount of lessons. It was really cool. And we contacted
a few people that other missionaries had taught before but stopped for
one reason or another and we had a lot of success. One family we
stopped by is a part member family: the mother was less active, the
dad isn’t a member, and they have a daughter (10yr old) who was
investigating for a little while. When we stopped by the dad answered
but when the daughter saw us she ran up to the door and was so
excited. She said she had been going to church lately and that they
were looking for missionaries to come back so she could get baptized
soon. It was awesome! Im so excited to begin teaching them. We also
stopped by a house trying to find get to know a recent convert sister
and her family but they weren’t home, and then we went to a music
activity at the church and the last family we talked to was the family
who’s door we were just knocking on and they said they were going to
the temple in March to be sealed as a family. It was great news. On
Sunday, about 5 minutes before sacrament started, I realized that I
forgot to bring the talk I wrote from sacrament. I was a little
nervous about it, but the spirit helped me to remember what I studies
and it all turned out alright. We ate dinner with a family that I have
come to really love, and they gave me a green blanket with my name and
the year sewed into it. It is so cute!

Have a great month of love 😘

This is my awesome companion. She’s the normal one who doesn’t have
two different colored eyes lolfeb2015 feb2015I feb2015II Feb2015III feb2015IIII


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