It does so much when members friendship people who come

(Mar 2nd) 

It’s weird that you’re getting snow and we’re getting rain. It feel backwards, but I’m glad we don’t have to cancel church. I am so grateful I got to be raised by faithful parents, I’ve seen people who were “raised” in the gospel and still had a rough life because they were never shown how to really live it. Wow, that sister was there for a long time (10 months!). I hope I can have an area like that where I can really get to know the people, but if not I will still love getting to experience different places and meet new people.

This week was another amazing week to be a missionary. We had someone call us and ask if we could teach their 11 year old son because he was looking at a lot of different religions and was deciding which one he wanted to join. It was a great first lesson, he’s very smart, and we will continue to teach him. We also got to go and see the baptism of another set of twins we were teaching. They’re 8, so we were meeting with them because their parents weren’t active, and it’s amazing to see the change they’ve made. The father was able to baptize and confirm both of his sons, and they whole family will be sealed in June! The gospel does do much for families and it has been so cool to see the difference it makes in others’ lives. They are such a great family and it was so cool to witness their baptism. We had a Zone Conference last week and we found out that the ipad pilot program we’ve been doing is about to become the real deal. So we have a conference this week to learn about all of the changes and prepare to transition into the next phase. March 11 we won’t have ipads for two weeks, then we all receive new ones and it will be permanent. President McCune also focused a lot on the Temple. It is so exciting that I get to serve in an area that has a temple opening. There is so much excitement and the Lord is really building up his kingdom. I can see the temple every night as we drive home and it looks so pretty all light up. I hope I can still serve in this area when it opens, but that’s 3 months from now, so we’ll see. We were able to sit with a recent convert and her little sister this Sunday, and it was awesome to see members of the ward come up to them and introduce themselves and get to know them. It does so much when members friendship people who come. I know the girls were nervous to come, and their parents won’t come with them, so it does a lot when they can feel welcomed and loved. I love this area, the people, and my companion, I don’t want to leave :).

I love you!

Sister InmanMar2015I

(Feb. 23rd) 

This week has been so great! I got to see the twins we’ve been teaching get baptized. The girl was so nervous, but they both were so happy. They had so many people from the ward come that it was almost standing room only. It was awesome that the family could see how much the ward lives them. They were able to have their grandma, who’s dying, come and watch them. It was a wonderful baptism and the spirit was so strong!

A family in another ward just moved, but they moved into a house that would be within the same boundaries because of how much they love the ward. They were inactive for a long time but their twin boys are turning eight and they wanted them to be able to choose to be baptized or not. We taught them for a little while and I love them, they are doing so well. The older son got ordained as a priest and the father is getting the Melchizedek priesthood this week, they said that they are going to the temple to be sealed as a family in June! I hope that I don’t get transferred too far away so that I can go to that.

This area is growing so much and I absolutely love it! I have great leaders that magnify their callings and my companion is amazing. I don’t want to ever leave this place. I was also studying this week about talents and I have a testimony that God has given talents to everyone and that he has given us those talents so that we can bless others. It’s so cool to pray to be able to see others and Christ would because then you can more fully see how amazing people are. We are all different and imperfect, but how great is our potential!

I love you ❤️feb20155

(Feb 15th) 

This week we were trying to find a house we had never been to and I didn’t really know where the road was so I pulled over onto a random side street to look at the map and we saw two people standing outside their house and we decided to go and talk to them. we started by asking for directions, but then we were able to talk more with them and we found out that they had both been baptized but had been inactive since they were kids and that they had never really wanted to go back to church, but recently he had a friend die and that made him question what happens after death. He said they had just been talking about faith half an hour before we walked up and that he knew it was God directing us to them. We were able to share a message with them and answer some of their questions, but they had a lot more and are wanting to start going back to church. We are starting to teach them now and it is so wonderful to see how the Lord is preparing the hearts of people and how he directs our paths. We also met with a recent convert, the first time we’ve been able to since I’ve been in this area, and his step mom sat in on the lesson. During it she said that her son had a hard time learning so she didn’t want him to be baptized until she felt like he could understand what was being taught and she wanted us to come over to start teaching him. she has also been inactive for a long time, but said that she wanted to start making church more of a priority because her step son (the recent convert) said that every time he went to church it made him feel better, and she could feel the spirit he brought home from church and wanted that more in her house. We met with a less active who is wanting the missionaries over again and her 19yr old son just moved in with her and said he was going to go to school and start working and we asked if he had ever thought of going on a mission and he said he hadn’t, but wasn’t against it. We invited him to sit in on the lessons and he accepted. Now we get to teach them together and it is a great great experience every time we go over. We see so many miracles and had a lot of success in this area. I know that with the Temple going us here the Lord really is building up his kingdom.


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