become immunized and not quarantined to the temptations of technology

(regarding Muncie 1st ward’s loss of sister missionaries)We lost a lot of sisters too, but in the summer things will grow again because everyone will be out of school. Eating is the same I guess, meat every night and people giving us yummy looking candy. But people here are so nice, they give us dinner to take home and offer to help us with lunch. I will definitely not starve 😉

We got to go to the temple this morning and it was amazing, as usual. I am done with the family names you gave me, I get to go back to the temple in three months though. We had a lot of lessons with less actives this week, and met two new families that we are starting to teach. I love all of them! We met one family because a sister who used to serve here went to see them and invited us along. It was a great lesson and the family asked us if we could help them with family home evenings and we are also going back to help them with the yard. They are such a great family, and said they would go to at least sacrament meeting this Sunday.  It is so cool to watch people rediscover their testimonies and work to go to the temple. We got to teach a temple prep class this Sunday and it was so much fun. All of the people there were attentive and they are very prepared for their missions. It seems like the missionaries coming out just keep getting better and better. We went to a conference this week about the ipads and the entire mission was there. The chapel and gym were full. The conference was focused on us and not the ipads though. We are learning how to become immunized and not quarantined to the temptations of technology. Every aspect of our life starts with how we are on the inside.



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