My companion is from Vanuatu and a cyclone just went over her home island

nope, I will not be staying through transfers. My companion will stay in this area and train a new sister from the MTC, and I will go to a new area and be the Sister Training Leader there. It’s crazy, and I’m super nervous, but I trust that the Lord knows what he’s doing. Time is flying by way too quickly! That sounds like an amazing time out for women! Testimonies and happiness go hand-in-hand. My companion is hilarious, so I’ve been able to do a lot of laughing this last transfer. I’m so excited for Enoch! I can’t believe he’s growing so much. We did service this week for a family in one of our wards and they have a 12 year old son who has down syndrome and they said he’s 12 going on 6. He was so cute and reminded me a lot of Enoch. He came down with a box of pizza while we were talking to his parents and he kept doing jazz hand and showing off the pizza, it was so cute. We had just eaten dinner though so he was a little sad when we didn’t eat his amazing pizza. they said that they moved to Utah for the school program for him because they tried to teach him, but the school he was in made a big difference. The more names will be enough of a birthday present for me, and you can send it anytime and I’ll promise not to open it until my birthday ;). My shoes are great, my boots are getting rough, but winter is over so I can go back to my other shoes! My other shoes are still in really good condition. My companion is from Vanuatu and a cyclone just went over her home island, her family and her could use your prayers. I like what you said about prayer, we should try to never pray in vain, which means acting on what we’re praying for (if it’s possible).


This week was awesome! We got to go on exchanges, which is where we split championships with our sister Training Leaders for a day, and it was so good. I stayed in the area and it was so cool to see how the other sister was able to study and teach everyone we saw that day without even knowing them. I have a strong testimony on the power of the Spirit. We don’t need to know all thing, but we can know many things as we strive to be worthy of the Holy Ghost. We had a first lesson with a less active family who is coming back to church and it was so good. They didn’t have a testimony on everything in the gospel, but what they did have a testimony of they were strong in that testimony. You could feel the spirit so strongly as they talked about how they came to know a certain principle. I know that testimonies are not a blanket thing, you have to develop a testimony of each individual principle of the gospel. But on the other side, you can know that the church is true, by the power Holy Ghost without knowing every principle. So that was a long and complicated way to say that testimonies come over time and differently for each person, but each person can always grow in their testimony. I love being able to study and learn this gospel everyday! That should be on your list of way to be happy, study the gospel! I am excited for the future and all of the things that will happen. I always pray for my family, and I know that Heavenly Father is listening and answering 🙂 you are so incredible!

Is there anything you would like me to pray for? How is everything with Danni going, does she like school too?


i love you a lot, like, a lot a lot


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