This area is amazing!

aww, that announcement picture is so cute! I’m very excited to come home and meet another niece/nephew (my guess is niece). I was transferred to Orem, but I know that my companion is doing ok. She is a very strong sister. This week was a little bit crazy. we cover two zones as sister training leaders, and every month we normally have to do a Zone Training Meeting with the Zone leaders but because of the restart with the ipads we have meeting every week, so we have tech zone training meetings twice almost every week. And I found out that I’m also being called as a Temple coordinator. Every sister in the mission will take 7 hour shifts at the temple about every three days, except for the 4 sister who are temple coordinators, we take 7 hours shift everyday,  so my schedule is about to become very busy. This area is amazing! It’s about 1.5 miles big, but we teach a lot of lessons, and the people here are amazing. The leadership is so involved in missionary work and we have members who help fellowship those that we teach. It is the celestial part of the mission (and the world) for missionary work. I am in a trio because one of my companions will be leaving in two weeks, but both of my companions are awesome. I have been very blessed to be able to learn a lot from both of them. This week one sister that we’re teaching texted us and told us what happened when she paid her tithing. She said the paid their tithing, then they had nothing left for groceries that week. but then she found a savings bond because she had a weird urge to organize their files, then their tax people found a mistake they made last year and now their tax return is much larger than they originally though, and so many more blessing. She said “I have a testimony of tithing now, the church is true =)”! is was so cool, and we got to see her 3 year old son get his baby blessing this past Sunday.  The longer I’m on my mission the more I don’t want to leave. There is so much joy in this work!

love you very much,

Sister InmanMarch20152


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