I was able to learn so much from the sister’s love of the people

I did get the package, thank you so much! It’s the best, you know just
what to send 🙂 although I feel like sending the skirt back because
it’s way too expensive. It’s adorable, and it fits perfectly, but you
could use it for so much better. I just don’t know how to send it
back to you… So dilemma. The McGrews are so amazing. They will make
the best missionaries. I didn’t get to know them as well as is
should’ve, but why I do know is that they have strong testimonies and
giant hearts. Sister McGrew makes the best embroideries 🙂

It was so much fun to come home to my early birthday present, thank
you! It had inspired gifts in it, I was almost out of mints lol. The
temple looks so good. I’m sad I won’t be there for that open house,
but I’m excited to come home to a temple so close by. I get to be at
the temple opening in Payson everyday, except Sunday, so I will get a
lot of experience with temple open houses. Is Danni going to be in the
temple celebration? That would be such a cool experience.
You and Danni look so good! Her boots are very cute. I love the
women’s conference, it was a good reminder to me to be more
charitable.  We got to sit next to a lady we are teaching and she
loved it, she is going through some hard times and connected really
well to the second talk.
On Monday we had our district activity & we called it the Volmer
Olympics because one of my companions is leaving this week and she
wanted to do a minute to win it type of activity. It was a lot of fun.
We went on exchanges, so I traded places with a sister from another area
and was another sister’s companion for the day. We also do exchanges
once a transfer, but it’s different being the sister training leader
because we do exchanges about once a week. All the sisters in our
zones are Spanish speaking, so is didn’t get to say much in the
lessons, but I was able to learn so much from the sister’s love of the
people and obedience in following the spirit. This week we saw the
temple training video for the temple open houses, it was so awkward
seeing myself on the tv. It’s a very cheesy video, it was embarrassing
because I had to teach a portion of the meeting because I’m a temple
coordinator. I did not want to teach after they saw me on screen, but
it was still a good meeting and the video was funny yet edifying. My
companion that’s going home this week was also in the video and we both
just laughed some of the scenes in there.

It so cool that you and dad are teaching family history. We had a lesson this week with a sister we’re teaching and she got so excited when the female history consultant showed her how to find more names, it was so evident she felt the spirit of Elijah. She said she almost started crying she was so happy, I want to learn how to do it better when I get home so that
I can take more names to the temple. This week has flown by! This is
the best area in the mission and I have the best companions and I get
to talk with the coolest people everyday. I’m so blessed. And I know
this is the best thing I’ve ever done.Mar2015 3 Mar2015 4


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