It was a truly great experience watching conference with that family

April2015Danni and Enoch look so cute! I’m glad the weather was good enough to do it outside. I got your letter, thank you so much. I’m so sorry I haven’t sent out the names yet, I will do it this week!

I got to go to the Saturday morning session of conference live! It was amazing, and president Erying gave the best talk on fasting. I have been able to see fasting do a lot for people, and my last companion was from Vanuatu, the country he talked about with the Cyclone. It made it more personal knowing someone from there and made me appreciate giving fast offering more. I Loved the story of the brothers rock climbing. Elder Holland is such a good speaker! I have gained a greater understanding (that still & always will be growing) of the Atonement and that story really helped it to grow. We watched that session with an investigator and his wife and they said that they really liked it too.

We were able to have lunch with our investigator before the second session of conference and we got to fill eggs and hide them for the kids. It was so much fun to see how excited they were about all of it. He asked a questions about the second coming and it was answered in that session and was such a good testimony builder. It was a truly great experience watching conference with that family.

We got to go on two exchanges this week and the sisters in our zones are so amazing. Even though they speak Spanish most of the time I can still tell when they are testifying because of the spirit that is there and I have been able to learn so much from them. I am learning a little bit of Spanish, I can say a very simple prayer. It’s a lot of fun because even though I can only say a few things they said I don’t have an accent when I speak Spanish, so if I were to ever actually learn how to speak it I would be good lol. My third companion went home, so it’s back to a companionship of two now!  The open house starts in two weeks, then goes until May 23. I know it will be an amazing experience. We had the great opportunity to see a boy we’re teaching get baptized and his family really wanted the confirmation on Saturday and were upset when we told them that the brethren have stated that converts should be confirmed on Sunday, but after he was confirmed last Sunday the family told us they were happy that they didn’t have it on Saturday and the whole family stayed for all three hours (which hasn’t happened in years). It was so cool.

I love you!

Sister Inman


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