her baptism was the best gift ever

(April 20th)

Danni is so talented! She does have a great voice, I’m sorry I missed it. It’s so nice to see green grass lol. The flowers look so pretty! I love genealogy. When we get to teach a lesson on family history we bring them to the family history center and set them up and help them with the beginning, but I can’t really go past that so the professionals help them. I really like doing it though, we focus on helping the living more than the dead right now, but after my mission family history is definitely something I want to do.

This week had been amazing! So much is happening and it’s all good things. One of our investigators got baptized this Saturday! She wanted to get baptized on her birthday, then she found out prom was on the same day and she said she didn’t want to move her baptism because it was the best gift ever, so she had her baptism, birthday, and prom all on the same day. She was smiling so much and kept talking about how happy she was. The spirit was there for the whole baptism, and it was incredible. She is such an amazing person, she is so in tune with the spirit, and she has only had the gift of the holy ghost for a day. She is already excited to do baptisms for the dead this coming week. She completely shines with the light of Christ and when she bore her testimony at her baptism everyone could feel the spirit. It was such a good day! We also got to go and eat with her family for lunch after and her dad ordered these tacos and would only tell us what they were after we ate them… they were cow tongue. It turns out, I’m not the biggest fan of cow tongue lol.

We got a call Thursday telling us we needed to be in Payson all day Friday because there was a tour for the contractors that they needed us to do the tours. We had to reschedule all of our appointments, but it was a really good experience. All four of the sister temple coordinators were there so it made it easier to learn what our responsibilities are and what the best way to do everything was. It was very tiring, but so amazing to see all of the people coming and going. I got to stay in the reception tent for a little while and I talked to a woman who had her little son with her. As we were talking she said that she hadn’t been through a temple in so many years and going through then made her want to go back. She just kept looking at her son and almost crying. She has a desire to have him sealed to her, but her and her husband hadn’t been able to yet. It was so clear that she had been moved by the spirit and that that one moment in her life was an important turning point. The temple can be a life changing experience for so many people if they let it be. Even before the temple is dedicated it has the strongest spirit about it that can penetrate any heart. On Sunday we got to go back to the temple and get a tour from Elder Richards of the 70. The Payson temple is the most beautiful temple I have ever been in. all of the sisters from the mission were there and we got to sit in one of the instruction rooms and be taught by Elder Richards. I love the temple so much, and I know that I am so blessed to be part of this open house. The spirit in the Celestial room was so strong that I didn’t want to leave, but I know I will be able to be around the temple for the next month :). We also found out that this week will be the VIP tours. I’m so excited! I get to be there every day, and I know this will be a very busy and exciting week. It’s a silent tour, so we don’t lead people through the temple, but we get to help them before and after and there are always miracles that happen when people go through the temple.

One of our investigators has been progressing so well. His wife is a member, but he said he is finally in a good place to hear the gospel. Every time we’ve met with him he seems a little happier. He is a very genuine person and has said that he’s noticed the difference in his life since meeting with us. He went from not knowing if God was real, to having a goal to be baptized by the end of May. We love meeting with him and his wife because they are so funny and watching him literally change because of the gospel is amazing.

On Thursday we had a few appointments canceled and we had names on our calendar of people we wanted to see so we prayed about who the Lord wanted us to visit and choose a less active family in the condos. When we got there none answered. We knew that we were supposed to be there for a reason, so we prayed to know and we felt like we should go up. there are four apartments per floor and we knocked on three (kinda like trackting 🙂 and no one answered, but on the last door a girl answered and let us in. she isn’t a member and at first she said she was happy just being young for now and wasn’t really interested, but then we watched Because He Lives with her and talked for a little bit and asked her if she had any questions and she just started crying. her sister died a few months ago and her dad is a convert to our church and her mom is catholic so she was getting conflicting opinions of where her sister was and she felt like all she had done for months was cry. we talked about after life and testified of eternal families and she didn’t expect to have that happen, but she was really glad we came by. We told her how we found her and she loved knowing the Lord was aware of her. she was such an amazing person, and it was a great testimony builder that the Lord does put us where we need to be, and He really is aware of every person.

I absolutely love this work! It is the greatest to see miracles every day, and feel the happiness from the spirit.

I love you!

Sister InmanApril20152

(April 13th)

I have not though of Harrison’s future all at much, but I’ll
work on it :). My companion now is going home soon and she is awesome

This week we got to go to the Oquirrah temple because a family my
companion taught was getting sealed. It was so cool to watch a sealing,
it was the first time I ever have seen a couple married without
someone saying ’till death do you part” it was a really great day. We
also got to go to a conference with president and we were talking
about how we can improve on our planning and we read in Abraham 4 & 5
and he pointed out something that blew my mind… The chapter is about
God planning and role playing the creation of the earth! It was pretty
cool. This week we got to teach three sharing times. We taught the
message of the restoration because the topic for Sunday was Joseph
Smith, and the spirit during class was so cool, the kids were all well
behaved during it and I lived being able to listen to the primary
songs again. So many amazing things happen every week and I wish I was
fast enough to get them all into an email, but I will write them in my
journal and tell you them after my mission 😉

I love you!
Sister Inman


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