Life is awesome!

(May 11) May2015

It was a lot of fun to see the whole family again. I feel like
everyone got better looking. It is so cool that you were able to work
there the year before the license change, how great is God! The open
house has been so wonderful. It will be weird when it’s all over, I
won’t know what to do with all the time lol. I have been able to meet
people who are so excited because their inactive or non-member family
is there and people who have been struggling with coming back and
received added strength from being in the temple. We met a man outside
after one of our teaching appointment who was not a member and he said
he’s heard of the church, but wasn’t really interested in religion,
but when we mentioned the open house he said that sounded interesting
and would love to go through with us. It was cool to see how it opens
doors that we would never be able to do otherwise.
And with one family that we’re teaching, the nine years old girls I
mentioned yesterday, we have seen a lot of progress. The first month I
was here we weren’t even able to get an appointment, and we never saw
anyone but the investigator and her mom, but since he openhouse we
have had two lessons with them and she said that we could come by on
Sunday and have a lesson with the whole family, the father included!
That has never happened. I know G(the girl) is such a good example to
her family. She is so string. After our lesson on tithing she woke up
on her own an hour before her family and rode her bike to church so
that we could fill out a tithing slip with her before church to give
to bishop. She asked her mom to come to church because she was going
to be in the special music number, and her mom said no, but I know
that it makes a difference every time she walks or rides her bike to
church on her own. She is only 9 and doesn’t have the gift of the Holy
Ghost yet, but she defiantly feels the Holy Ghost strengthens my
testimony. I love this area, these people, the open house, my
companions, and everything else happening. Life is awesome!

Mother's day hangout

I love the pictures! It looks like fun, and cold water is good for the character 😉 I am so excited for Aurora. I want both Tawnymara and Aurora to serve in my same mission, but more of the world needs Inmans, so I doubt they will.  Our new landlords, because we moved two blocks away, had a family motto “temple gate 2008” meaning that all of the kids would be through the temple by 2008 and they almost made it. Their last daughter got married in 2009 lol.

The family pictures are about the same size though lol. It looks beautiful, and Ester is so much bigger than Lincoln, that’s weird. I’m pretty flexible on the skype time, but my companion is planning about 2, so 1 would be great.

We went through the temple this week with a non-member family and I never realized how much of the temple if foreign to others. They asked about every room, and thought most of them were for marriages, it was so cute. They are going on a trip now, but they really like the temple and said we could come back as soon as they get home to keep talking. This week we did a lot of moving and temple service, so we didn’t get to teach as many lessons, but we got really great referrals. There are so many families who are now ready to start lessons or come back to the gospel. The work is growing and we’re not even in our area as much as we used to be. I have so much energy and I love being at the temple. This had been a great week! I’m excited for mother’s day and I know the Indiana temple will bring blessings.

My new companion is awesome too =)

love you bye

sister inman

(April 29)

So sorry it’s taken me so long to write, the temple is open on Mondays
too so I have to spread my preparation day out.
Yes, that quote does apply. But it’s great, I love staying busy. It is
quite tiring getting home at 10:30 and waking up at 6 and going all
day, but our mission president gave all the coordinating sister a
priesthood blessing (I didn’t even have to ask 🙂 and something in
mine said that I will be given energy past my normal capacity. It was
such a good blessing and I know my area will thrive and that
everything will be great, and I really do have a lot of energy. It has
been so cool working at the open house!
I love that observation about Ishmel’s family. Our president has said
that planning is everything, but plans are nothing. So we plan and
prepare and then the Lord guides us and trusts us to do what he needs.
So I don’t know why the Lord had them leave first, but I understand a
little of how Lehi felt when he had to change his plans lol.
Yes, we have hear that temple coordinator is a coveted spot, but I
love the parking attendants 😉 they are so helpful!
I’m not entirely sure what I’ve told you and what I haven’t because
the days are blurring together, but I will try not to be redundant.
Everyone watches a short video before going to the temple and one
time me and my companion were waiting for the room to fill up and
we’re talking with people and found out that one man there was a less
active member who was trying to get back and he had quit smoking and
was on day 12 so his friends took him to the temple to help give him
motivation to keep going. We took one of our investigators through
with his wife, who is a returned missionary, and it was amazing. He
said he felt a lot of peace in the celestial room, and in the sealing
room they looked through the eternity mirrors and his wife just cried
in his arms. He is now on date to be baptized in May.
My companion is going home today 😔 she is incredibly amazing and I
will miss her, but my new companion is awesome too. She is at least 6
feet though, so I feel short.
We got to go to the temple to watch one of our recent converts do
baptisms for the dead for the first time. It was awesome! She said she
felt like she want the one there, but that she was just a means for
the ones who were. She is he most golden person I know, I just live
Well I don’t have enough time so I can’t keep bragging, but I really
really love my mission!April 2015 II


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