It is so cool to see just how much a mission is not about you

Thanks for the birthday wishes. This morning my companion said happy
birthday and I was so surprised because I had forgotten it was my
birthday, then after studies I asked what hymn she wanted to sing and
she said happy birthday and I was surprised again because I had
forgotten it was my birthday lol. It is so cool to see just how much a
mission is not about you. I love being able to feel lost in the work.

At the temple I met an older woman who was so happy
because she got to go through the temple with her less active son.
Even though it was just an open house it was a small step for him in
the right direction, but she still beamed with happiness over it. I
can see Heavenly Father doing that, He sees every small step we take
and knows how they will help us and He just beams with happiness for
us. We taught a sister yesterday who we got to visit the temple
with last week and she told us that she wants to really work to be re
baptized so that she can see her son get married in the temple. She
has had other children get married in the temple, but now she wants to
live the gospel again for her. It was so cool to see the motivation
and happiness in her face as she talked about how she wants to do it
right and go through the temple again for herself.
It has been a very tiring week because our sleep schedule is so weird,
but it has been a fulfilling week. I also got a package from sister
Yaudas! It was so nice! And it has my favorite things in the world,
coconut milk hair supplies! It was kind of awesome 🙂
I got to see Aurora and Tawnymara at the open house! It was so cool.
It’s amazing to spend so much time around a temple and be reminded of
how important families are. I have the greatest family I could ever
ask for and I am so grateful that we can be together even after this
I’m so glad that you got to go out with the sisters. Some people need
a little extra Holland fire 😉 I am excited for Tawny’s call to come
Dads painting are absolutely beautiful. I showed them to everyone around me.

Love you,
Sister Inman

(Regarding photo) Sister O’neal (photographer) is so cute! I was carrying the water and cough drops
for a sister who wasn’t feeling well. And my car keys are because I
had to go to the car to get them. I’m just glad I get to do the behind
the scene work, that way not a lot of people have to stare at me lol.
And the sister I’m with is my coordinating companion at the temple, we
serve in different areas. But she also happened to be from Texas, like
my actual companion.may2015 temple


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