I absolutely love this area!

Transfers are next week. It will be an exciting transfer because we will know then if we are in the Provo mission or the Orem mission. That sounds like an interesting dinner… (we pranked our new EldersJ) I don’t know what I would think if I had a dinner like that. It makes a great story to write home about though =) I love stake conferences. We have heard a lot of direction on ward councils too, it is wonderful! The Indy temple looks very beautiful, and in the picture it looked large, but either way I am excited to have one so close when I go home. I’m sure Harrison will enjoy the added measure of excitement and family that grandma will bring. wow, that’s great about Cori and Austin. I hope they have a beautiful wedding!

I don’t know if I thanked you for my birthday package, so thank you very much. It has been so great! I loved the rice crispy bars and the lemon grass soap smells so good.

We have we had dinner with a sister from the Marshall Islands and she gave us flowers and earrings and baskets that were hand made from coconut leaves. They are so beautiful. We have been slowly but steadily increasing the amount of lessons we have each week and it has been amazing to see the little miracles every day. Yesterday we got a call from one of our bishops and he said that he has been meeting with a young woman who is not a member and she just turned 18 and has decided that she wants to get baptized. We will hopefully meet with her soon, and the bishop said we could have the lessons in his house. Referrals are the best! We gave two talks on Sunday and they were each different parts of missionary work. The first talk was on retention and I loved studying for it. I learned a lot on how to be a better member missionary when I get home, and that recent converts and active members all need to be fellowshipped and strengthen by those around them. The second talk was good, but my favorite part was that my companion and I spoke before a sister who is about to go on her mission to Indiana! It was fun to talk to her. We had a lesson with the young man that was just baptized and he said that he wants to go on a mission! And we are going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead tomorrow. I absolutely love this area! I hope I can stay for a long time.

Love you all!

Sister Inman

(May 26th) 

This week we had such a good baptism! The spirit was so strong and he
looked so happy. His brother just got back from a mission a few weeks
ago and he was the one who baptized him and it was awesome. Yesterday
he got the gift of the Holy Ghost and he got the priesthood AND bishop
said he has a calling prepared for him. And we want to go to the
temple to do baptisms for the dead soon, but as missionaries we can
only do baptisms if it’s our own names and I couldn’t find any names.
But it will still be fun to watch it.
The Payson temple is more of a 9, and I’m sure the Indy temple will
be very good too. Those plants look huge. It looks like a jungle back
home compared to here. I think that is a very good use of my old room. (craft room)
We have been told not to go back to the same things that we left
because we’ll develop our old habits. So I might find another room
when I get home 🙂 I’m excited for Harrison’s home coming. That will
be an exciting week.

This week at church we decided to sit next to a woman who was in the
back by herself and we talked a little before the hymn started, then
in relief society she saw us and sat down next to us and throughout
the class we found out that she has been less active most of her life
but has been coming off and on the past few years. She said that it’s
really hard coming back, especially when she went inactive around 16
and she is now 75, but she has been trying. She is such a funny lady
and is so cute. We scheduled a time to come and teach her to help her
transition into activity easier and it will be so much fun. It is good
being able to be in my area full time again. We will be busy and
rested 🙂 I’m sad to be away from the Payson temple, but I really love
my area.
We were also able to see an investigator, who is 10, and his mother
and sister. I have never been able to meet this family since I’ve been
here, but he wants to be baptized and his older sister, who’s 12, has
such a great testimony. Their mom had a bad experience in the church
so they don’t get to go very often and she doesn’t like to schedule
with us, but the children are amazing and I love them! There are many
blessing from the temple here, I’m very grateful for it.
Discovering the plans that Heavenly Father has for us is exciting and
hard. We are an instant gratification type of people and God does not
follow those same time standards.  I’m very excited to find out what
is in store for Tawnymara too, and what he has planned for you 🙂

I love you!
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