I am now in the Utah, Orem mission!

(June 29th)

We have gone with a sister whose husband we’re teaching to do yoga in the morning and it’s very nice relaxing to be able to do.

We had a meeting with our stake president and the high counselors over missionary work and it was so motivating to see how much the love missionary work. They work so hard and I feel very blessed to have such strong leaders in this area. The members and Leaders are such a big factor of the missionary work in their area and they are very excited about the work, so they help us tremendously.
This week we had the baptism of the young man with down syndrome. it was one of the most spiritual baptisms I’ve ever been too. The family has been waiting for a long time for him to be baptized and they were so happy that this day finally came. The confirmation afterwards was wonderful. It said that the spirit will help him with his speech and with his stomach so that he’ll try new foods. It was the best way to start a day!

I got to go to the Payson temple and see a family that I met with in Payson sealed. They have been waiting for since he got baptized to get sealed, and they love that the Payson temple was finish at just the right time. It was such a great experience being able to see their son sealed to them too. I have not been to many sealings, but this is my favorite one so far =)

We had a conference with the whole Orem mission (except about 16 missionaries from the SLC mission) and it was awesome! We got to hear from our mission president and his wife one last time, and seeing all of the missionaries that I would be serving with was great. It is definitely a privilege to be starting a new mission and to be a part of this great work!

Thank you so much for everything!

I love you,

Sister Inman!

thank you for all of your prayers, they really help=)

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(June 22)

I meet my new mission president probably sometime in the first week of July. We normally have a leadership meeting the first week of every month, but I don’t know if that will still happen though.

I am so excited about the split! It’s even more evidence that the work is hastening. I get to be a part of two missions and stay in an area that I really love. I felt a strong desire to be in this mission since I first heard that it was going to be created, so it’s also evidence that the Lord loves making me even happier =) I am excited to meet my new companion, but that won’t be for about three more weeks. My companion now is great! She is a very good teacher and I’m able to learn a lot about how an excellent missionary teaches from her.

We got a call from a family in one of the wards and they said that their son is 11 and has down syndrome and they feel he is finally ready to be baptized! I am so excited to be part of it. I feel like I’m teaching Enoch 🙂 we also got to meet with one of our investigators and he said that he finally asked work if she could have Sundays off! We are praying that his work say’s yes. We met with a new investigator who moved into the area and she is awesome! She said that she was raised without a belief in God, so she asks a lot of questions and doesn’t believe things easily. She said it took her a long time to understand the atonement, and after weeks of thinking about it she got her answer in a class that was completely unrelated to religion. But now she has a beautiful testimony of the atonement. She seems like someone who will not convert quickly, but when she does she will be truly converted. It was so great meeting her, and I’m excited to see what she will gain a testimony of next. We had a chapel tour for the stake and the young men’s group came from a ward and two young men who weren’t members came and it went so well. One of the young men took a Book of Mormon with him as he left. I know that the Lord is blessing this area and I’m so glad that I get to stay here. we had a meeting where we were teaching the district how to use the online tools and it happened to be one of the elders birthday, so some sisters made everyone these great fry burgers, but they left some fries in the oven and they kept cooking, so the kitchen got really smoky and the fire alarm went off. The sisters were so embarrassed. But it was actually quite fun. The fire trucks came and the elder who had the birthday is from England, and he got to get his picture taken with the fire truck and they gave him a hat. It was quite the adventure.

This week was another great blessing from the Lord and I’m so glad to be here

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(June 15)

Its weird seeing Harrison without a tag, but I’m sure he’s having fun
with his nephew. The Lord provides if it’s his will, and there are a
lot of sister RM’s, so Provo might be good for him lol.(referring to him finding a spouse)  I am so out of
the loop, I didn’t even remember there was a job option in Yorktown.
But I’m glad you made a choice and fell comfortable with it. I didn’t
do anything for the half way mark, I didn’t really think of it.
Get ready for a lot of pictures 🙂
The Orem mission doesn’t exist yet. The mission won’t actually split
until July 1st, when the new mission presidents get here. So I have no
idea what the Orem address will be. I love this area! I’m glad that I
was able to stay. Ever since I heard the mission was splitting I
wanted to be in this one, even though I have absolutely loved the
Provo mission, and this has been my favorite area so far. My companion
will go home at the end of this transfer so will more than likely
spend another 3 months here. I am so excited, I have always wanted to
stay for a while in the same area!
We went by a part member family this week who we haven’t seen in a
while. She had been traveling and it was hard to get ahold of them.
She said she had been having a hard time and had prayed for clarity
that morning. She was so happy when we came over and we read form the
scriptures with her to help answer her questions. It was such a
testimony builder that Heavenly Father knows all of us, and he knows
our needs. He will answer in the way and at the time that helm knows
is best.
One of our recent converts blessed the sacrament this week! That was
really cool and I love seeing people progress in the gospel. He is the
one that we went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead with a
little while ago. I don’t know if I sent a picture of that, so I will
in this one. The recent convert in the one in a purple tie.

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(June 8th)

I am going to be called to the Utah Orem mission! How exciting =) I will be in two missions. I am so happy to be staying in this area, and my companion will go home at the end of this transfer, so it’s very likely that I will stay in this area for at least another 3 months.

wow, so much greatness happened. Tawnymara got her mission call! Milwaukee Minnesota is a very lucky place. It looks like Harrison had a very warm welcoming, Danni looks like she missed him. It’s so weird that he’s back. I feel like he should just be an eternal missionary, but I guess life moves on. I plan on staying on a mission forever though, so you don’t need to worry about balloons or poster board 😉 I am so excited for the family!  In this mission I would be able to go to the mtc to say goodbye to Tawnymara, but I don’t know how it will be when the mission splits on July 1st. Harrison looks happy, and skinny, and also happy.

I love temple trips! It was a great experience with the open-house, but missionaries weren’t allowed to attend the dedication, unless they served in the temple district, and we couldn’t go to the celebration. I had no idea Dad was part of the Denver temple! That is so cool.

A senior couple from my last area emailed me and said that one of the less active men we were teaching had progressed very well! He went all the way through the temple last week and has plans to keep going with the senior couple! It’s was such a happy letter to get. We met three new investigators over the past week, and we met one of them in church. That is a great place to meet investigators =). We are seeing miracles in this area and I am excited to be a part of it for so long. I got a package from Tawnymara and Aurora and it was so nice! I am such a blessed person. My area is amazing, I get to have the same companion for more than a transfer for the first time since my trainer, and this will be the longest I will be in any area. We have more people that we are able to teach, and they are so prepared to hear the gospel. We are busy and happy and I am ever so grateful.

Thank you for all of your love and prayers, they make a huge difference. I do love the people and mission, but I hope that it goes slower.

Love you,

Sister Inman


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