Pioneer Day is almost bigger than the 4th here,

That is so cool! Everyone looks very happy. I hope David does well
with everything. That is awesome that you got to go to the VIP tours,
I’m excited to go inside someday 🙂 Pioneer Day is almost bigger than
the 4th here, but I don’t know what we’re doing.
Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to email, so this will be
short. But it’s because a wonderful lady that we teach is a hair
stylist and offered to cut our hair. She did a trim and curling for
me. It is so nice. Then we had a fun district volleyball game.
Then we decided to text all of the less actives in our phone that we
didn’t know, and it was awesome! We texted about 40 people and some
answered and said they have moved but are active now, and some are
working with missionaries in another area. One lady said that her
niece was getting baptized his Saturday and had just been thinking the
day before we texted that she should probably meet with the
missionaries again, so we got to meet with her and she is wonderful.
We also stopped by the house of another woman we teach on Saturday,
and she said she had been debating with herself all day on whether she
was going to go to church or not. We talked about the sacrament and
the importance and she said she does love the sacrament and that would
make going to church worth it. We talked with the family whose son
with Down syndrome got baptized and they said it’s been incredible.
Their son has eaten new foods that he’s never been willing to try
before, and he has started talking more when people are around. We had
interviews with our mission president and he is great! You can tell he
has a great love for all of the missionaries already and he speaks
with the spirit.

This area is amazing, my companion is great, and the people are wonderful.
Sister Inman

Sister Inman & Sister Wicker
Orem Aspen stake Timpview stake


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