We played bubble ball for our zone activity

(Referring to the temple) That looks like a lot of fun! Harrison is so lucky, that was the coveted spot in our open house too. It is just an amazing thing for everyone, but especially non-members to go to. The spirt is so strong, and it is a great opportunity for people to learn more.

This week was amazing! We were on exchanges for three of the days, so I had three different and wonderful companions lol. I was able to meet so many people this week, One lady is a recent convert who has never been to the temple. So we are going to work with her to help her go and do baptisms for the dead and because she wants to work to be sealed with her husband.

One of the couples I taught with in Payson came up to Orem and we went out to eat. It was so good being able to see them again.

We had a wonderful lesson with one of our investigators who is 9. Normally her mother will sit in, but this last time her whole family sat in. She has one little sister and her parents are las active. During the lesson the father said that he wanted to start doing family home evening and it was so cool! I know that his daughter has a huge effect on him. He said he notices how she says every Sunday that she’s going to church and that she likes praying. It is amazing to see how her example has softened his heart so much.

We also played bubble ball for our zone activity this week. It was a lot of fun! We each paid $10 to rent it, and during the week one of our dinners had a sick child so they gave us money to go and eat, then someone in the restaurant paid for our dinner (people here are SO nice!) so we had extra money for the activity 🙂 july 2015 10

This week my companion goes home 😦 and because they are trying to combine parts of two mission they have extended the transfer for everyone else by a week… So I will be partly in a trio with the Hermanas, and then just go on a lot of splits for the next week. One of the blessings of this area though is that there are a lot of members, so we have already been able to find sisters who will be able to be my companion for a lot of the time, and most of them are RM’s

Love you!


The Hermana in the middle is the one I was on exchanges with and she’s great 🙂

My companion is going home this week! It’s sad, but tis the way of life I guess. She really loves the color purple, so we went to the Purple Turtle. july201512This is one of our senior couples who finish their mission in a week, it will be sad to see them go too

july201513This is our per senior couple and they only have a few week let on their mission. And he other Hermanas are the Spanish sisters who cover the same area we do. (I realized after the picture that I stood in the wrong spot, they are tall, I am not that short lol)


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