I am excited to meet my new companion

This week I have been in a trio with the Spanish sisters and they are
great! I am basically only with them in the morning during studies and
when we come home at night, but that has been enough time for me to
learn a lot. The members here are awesome and I have been able to have
enough splits for every day. It’s weird having multiple companies
during the day, but it’s fun too. I am excited to meet my new
companion though, I will never take them for granted again lol. I got
to go to the sealing of a family who was less active that we taught in
this area. It was such a beautiful sealing and I was reminded of how
important the family is. I have never had more joy than when I get to
see someone I love go inside the temple, and to see whole families
sealed together is amazing! The temple is such a place of peace and I
know that it is the house of the Lord, and I know that families can be
together even after this life, and temples are where that can happen.
I also got to learn from recent convert. She taught us the law of
chastity and she was so good at it. She connected the Word of Wisdom
and the law of chastity by talking about how our bodies are temples.
And she said “you can know God loves us because he gave us the Law of
Chastity”. How many 17 year olds say that? She is awesome.
I stay in this area, and I meet my new companion this Wednesday! We
will only be sister training leaders over one zone now, so that will
be new.july 2015 11


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