The gospel is true and the book is blue

(Aug 17th)
Today was great! We got to go to mission home and have lunch with
president and sister Killpack and our zone, and we played some games.
Latter we will go to a sister’s house that we teach and she will help
us make dream catchers that is exciting! I love how giving the people
are here, and doing things with people we teach outside of lessons is
so much fun. We were able to have a lesson with a former investigator
who just got out of jail. He said while he was in jail he read the
Book of Mormon every day and he loves it! I was able to meet him a few
months before, and he is different now. He has just an optimistic
outlook on life and he smiled more in that lesson then I’ve ever seen
him smile before. He said he wants to be a better person and to keep
reading the Book of Mormon. I am so excited to start meeting with him
regularly! We also were able to have a great lesson with a man that
we’ve been speaking to outside of apartments. He has always said he
likes to just worship on his own, but this last time he asked more
about why we are teaching, and he was so surprised that the church
doesn’t pay for us to come out and that we can’t date. He said it’s too
much commitment for him to do, but that the LDS people are very hard
working, so that’s a step-in the right direction. He said he would try
reading the Book of Mormon! I love seeing how people change and
progress. The gospel is true and the book is blue 🙂

I love you!Aug20152

(Aug 10th)

This week has been amazing. Last week we were driving on the freeway
and a giant rock hit our windshield, it was so loud, and a little
scary. But it only made a little don’t and the car shop in Provo said
it was very small and wouldn’t cause any trouble for us, so that was

And we have seen so many people this week that I have seen in a
while. One sister said our timing was so perfect, because it was the
first time she was home that day and she had just sat down to turn on
the tv when we knocked, then she talked about how lucky she as because
she got the exact schedule she needed for work, even though she had
the last pick. We pointed out that Heavenly Father was blessing her
and she said it was weird to think of it like that, she wasn’t use to
using words like blessing and she didn’t think she was the how God
wanted to bless. It is so amazing to see people come to understand
Heavenly Fathers love for them more and more, it would be so sad to have
that in my life. One of our investigators has a baptismal date! She is
getting baptized in the beginning of September, and we are all very
excited. We decided to knock on a random door at apartment we were at
and they were members and we asked who they knew that we could go
meet, and they said their down stairs neighbor was less active, so we
went there. The sister we met let us in and we were able to have a
great conversation and she said that day had been a hard one and she
was glad to hear the message. She has two teenage daughters that don’t
like church and she said it made it hard to go, but we’re going to
stop by more and help in in any way we can. Today our senior couple
took us to kneeders and we had unlimited French toast, it was so good.
Then a la sister we were able to serve last week did our nails today.
They are so cute, and she is so nice. Mine change color with the
weather, warm = darker. But the CTR part is my favorite 🙂aug20151

(Aug. 3rd)

This week we met a lot of new people! I have gotten much better at
talking to everyone, and I can see how I can still use these skills
after the mission. We stopped at a house of a family who is less
active and has a daughter who was recently baptized and sons who used
to investigate the church and while we see talking to them their
neighbors came over. It was awesome! They were also their home and
visiting teachers, so they had a good relationship with them, and we
were able to share a message with them and the neighbors invited the
family to join us all for a bbq this week. It was so cool to see how
friends make such a difference in people. We were able to talk about a
lot more with the neighbors there then we would have otherwise been
able to do. We also stopped by another former investigator and his
home teachers, his wife is a member, were there and they shared a
message of eternal families. I love seeing member missionary work! We
were also able to do service for a less active sister that we haven’t
been able to meet with yet, and after we served her she was so open
and willing to have us come back. And we helped a family we teach move
on Saturday and they said, because we can’t leave our area, they will
come here to make us dinner, they are so sweet. I love service!
My companion is from Missouri and she has 8 siblings. She is awesome!
I am so excited for this transfer. She has a lot of wisdom I can learn
from 🙂aug 2015 aug2015


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