The blessing are just pouring in!

(Sept. 7th)

sept2015 sept20151

Nope, p-day is today πŸ™‚ I am being transferred! I am going to
Harriman. I am so excited. I will really miss this area though. 6
months is too long, now I have too many people that I love and I don’t
want to leave them. But I know the Lord has so many great things in
store for me! There are going to be some pretty great people πŸ™‚

This week was great! We went to a former investigators house to see if
he was home, and he wasn’t. But as we were driving away a lady flagged
us down and told us that her neighbor had a daughter who was over 8
that wanted to get baptized and her mom, who is less active, was
trying to find someone to teach her. We went to talk to them and the
girl turns 9 Thursday, and we will have our first lesson with them on
Friday. The mom even said she wanted her other kids to sit in! It was
so cool. The Lord truly does put you into places for a reason. Even
when it seemed like a trial or a failure, it’s just a stepping stone
bringing you closer to a huge blessing.
We had a lesson with one of our less actives, and at the end of the
lesson we asked her who she wanted to pray, because she said she
doesn’t like praying out loud, and she volunteered herself! First time
she has prayed loud in years, and it was such a great experience.
We met with a family, the parents are both RM’s but fell away for
awhile, and their 14 year old son isn’t a member, and they really want
to be active again and their son is on date to be baptized in the 19th
of September! They are such a great family, and they already do family
scripture study and have been going to church for a few weeks. I love
We got an email from one of our ward mission leaders and he said an
active family brought a family who is renting their basement apartment
to church. And the husband was less active and the wife isn’t a
member, but now they have decided to make God a priority in their life
and want to meet with us!
The blessing are just pouring in! It’s so much fun. We also had
breakfast and had fun with a recent convert and his family this
morning. I flipped the pancakes, so they looked odd. But tasted great

(Aug. 31st)

Aug20159 aug20158
it was so good seeing Sister Inman! She
is going to be such an amazing missionary, the world is about to get a
whole lot better πŸ™‚
It is so great having a temple so close. It sounds like it’s being
well used. I hope the temple trip goes well, and tell Claudia I said hi πŸ™‚
This week was great! I got to go on exchanges, and this time I went to
the Hermanas area. I got to practice my EspaΓ±ol and have amazing
authentic Latin food. While we were at dinner, in Pleasant Grove, they
knew someone in Orem they wanted us to go and see. We are also having
a first lesson tonight with a part member family, and our ward mission
leader for that ward is the one who arranged everything. I love
serving in an area where I can learn how to be a great member
missionary. I realize now that I was not very active in spreading the
gospel before now, and now I’m still learning how to be better. One of
our investigators was having an interview and her little girl was with
us and the senior couple and we spent a lot of the time hiding from
‘the big bad wolf’ it was so cute. We were going to have a lesson with
a recent convert on Sunday but he couldn’t because he was sick, so we
got a can of chicken noodle soup and put a scripture on it so that he
was spiritually and physically fed. He thought it was funny, and we
still got to see him, so it was a good night. We have seen so many
miracles in this area, and I’m so happy that I’ve been able to be here
this long. I have the best companion, and wonderful leaders. This is
the best mission I could have ever asked for.

(Aug. 24th)Β 

aug20157 aug20156 aug20155 aug20154 aug20153

I was just talking about frisbee golf yesterday because one of the
couples we teach said it was their anniversary but they didn’t have a
good month so they just went to subway, and I talked about how much
fun it is to do free things outside. I love having productive things
to do, it’s so good to be anxiously engaged in a good work! If you
need something to do, family history is the best! Plus, if you find
names of people I can do baptisms for then I can go with a recent
convert for the first time and do baptisms with them.
I’m so glad that the sisters there have a family like you. I can’t
even express how important true friends are when people are
investigating the church, and even after. We had a recent convert who
was going backwards and he was going to skip church again for the
second week and a friend went over to his house and brought him to
church and he was so much happier when we met with him yesterday, and
he shared his testimony of how much church helps him.
We had a lesson with a nine year old rent convert, and normally his
mom or grandma tell him what’s to say for his prayers because he’s too
shy and doesn’t know what to say. But we talked a lot on prayer and at
the end of the lesson he said a prayer on his own, and he had a
question about who Heavenly Father was and we invited him to pray
about it, so in his closing prayer he asked his question and it was so
cool! The faith of a child is amazing, and the sincerity of his prayer
was a great example to me.
We were trying to contact a referral in an apartment complex, but they
weren’t home, and since we had a few minutes until our next
appointment we decided to get to know their neighbors (our version of
trackting) and we met a couple who, after talking to them, said that
they aren’t active for a few reasons, but they said it was a goal they
had to go back to church, then we had our first lesson with them on
Sunday and it went great! I’m so excited to see this couple grow and
change because of the gospel.
We had a zone conference this week and I liked what one elder said, we
were talking about talking to everyone and sharing the gospel as we
do. And he said “we’re more than nice people in nice clothes, we’re
missionaries.” It was funny and inspiring, we can do more than smile
and wave, we can help bring others unto Christ πŸ™‚ and then after we
found that a tire on our car went flat, but we had lots of elders to
help us lol. The one who actually changed it was the senior elder over
the cars for the mission, but me and my companion helped when we could


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