This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ

(Sept. 21st)ย 

I love being over one stake! It’s going to be so cool being able to
get to know the people better. I have learned a lot from where I’ve lived and how you and
dad have handled everything.

President Oaks spoke at our stake conference this week and he said
something I loved. He said (something like) why would you ever think
next life is just an extension of this life? The next life will be so
different, we don’t even know all of it. From what I got out of it I
realized we like things to be familiar, so the idea of living in
houses, and having occupations or vehicles and everything like that
just seems weird to not have.
And we also got to have dinner with Elder Oaks. There were a few
people there, our mission president and his wife included, and it was
so cool! He is such a funny man, it was a joy to listen to him speak.
I got to go to my old area to attend the baptism of someone I taught
there. He is 14 and his parents are just coming back to church. Hey
are such a good example of faith to me. As soon as they decided to be
active again they have been very diligent. They do family scripture
study and family prayer, and they haven’t missed a Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚ they are
amazing! And there was such a good spirit at he baptism.
We were able to go to the temple this week! I always love being in the
house of the Lord. The spirit is sos strong there, and I always leave
with renewed strength.
There is a family who just moved in here and their name is Inman! He
said its from England though.
This week I am in a group who will be singing our mission song in the
zone conference with the presiding general authority of the area, so
pray I don’t embarrass myself lol.
We have received so many miracles this week. A lot of referrals from
me,hers, and being able to meet more pole who are prepared to have the
gospel more in their life. This area is amazing, and it growing!
I absolutely love being a missionary! I have found so much joy in the
gospel, and it is magnified by my ability to share it with so many
other. This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I am so grateful I have
it in my life.

Love you!Sept20153 Sept20154

(Sept. 14th)ย 

That is so exciting! I’m glad Sister Inman made it there safely ๐Ÿ™‚ yes, it was so weird, we were talking to these sisters and they said they were from pueblo and I asked if hey knew Rye and everything was connected after that. One of them showed me a picture of Amy and her kids now, time has flown!

I love my new area and companion! We only cover one stake here, so I will get to know people a little better ๐Ÿ™‚ and we cover a Samoan branch, so I get to study Samono! I probably won’t be able to really speak it, but I can pick out a few words when others speak it, plus it’s just a pretty language. Two of the sister that were in my zone in the last area are in my zone in his area too, so exchanges will be just like old times lol.

We have stake conference week and Elder Dallin H Oaks will be speaking! And we were invited to have dinner with him a few people from the stake this weekend. I get to have dinner with an apostle!

We met with a family where they have two sons that are not baptized, and the youngest son wanted to meet with us. After our first lesson the brother there, who is less active, said he wants to be the one who baptized him and he now has he goal of quitting smoking. I am so excited to watch their progress. My companion went to he temple for so one she taught in another area, so I had splits with me here. And she thought it would only take 3 hours, but it took 5, and it was fun getting to know people in that time. It helped me learn the area a little bit more ๐Ÿ™‚

I sad to say goodbye to my old area, but this area is amazing!



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