This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ

(Sept. 21st) 

I love being over one stake! It’s going to be so cool being able to
get to know the people better. I have learned a lot from where I’ve lived and how you and
dad have handled everything.

President Oaks spoke at our stake conference this week and he said
something I loved. He said (something like) why would you ever think
next life is just an extension of this life? The next life will be so
different, we don’t even know all of it. From what I got out of it I
realized we like things to be familiar, so the idea of living in
houses, and having occupations or vehicles and everything like that
just seems weird to not have.
And we also got to have dinner with Elder Oaks. There were a few
people there, our mission president and his wife included, and it was
so cool! He is such a funny man, it was a joy to listen to him speak.
I got to go to my old area to attend the baptism of someone I taught
there. He is 14 and his parents are just coming back to church. Hey
are such a good example of faith to me. As soon as they decided to be
active again they have been very diligent. They do family scripture
study and family prayer, and they haven’t missed a Sunday 🙂 they are
amazing! And there was such a good spirit at he baptism.
We were able to go to the temple this week! I always love being in the
house of the Lord. The spirit is sos strong there, and I always leave
with renewed strength.
There is a family who just moved in here and their name is Inman! He
said its from England though.
This week I am in a group who will be singing our mission song in the
zone conference with the presiding general authority of the area, so
pray I don’t embarrass myself lol.
We have received so many miracles this week. A lot of referrals from
me,hers, and being able to meet more pole who are prepared to have the
gospel more in their life. This area is amazing, and it growing!
I absolutely love being a missionary! I have found so much joy in the
gospel, and it is magnified by my ability to share it with so many
other. This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I am so grateful I have
it in my life.

Love you!Sept20153 Sept20154

(Sept. 14th) 

That is so exciting! I’m glad Sister Inman made it there safely 🙂 yes, it was so weird, we were talking to these sisters and they said they were from pueblo and I asked if hey knew Rye and everything was connected after that. One of them showed me a picture of Amy and her kids now, time has flown!

I love my new area and companion! We only cover one stake here, so I will get to know people a little better 🙂 and we cover a Samoan branch, so I get to study Samono! I probably won’t be able to really speak it, but I can pick out a few words when others speak it, plus it’s just a pretty language. Two of the sister that were in my zone in the last area are in my zone in his area too, so exchanges will be just like old times lol.

We have stake conference week and Elder Dallin H Oaks will be speaking! And we were invited to have dinner with him a few people from the stake this weekend. I get to have dinner with an apostle!

We met with a family where they have two sons that are not baptized, and the youngest son wanted to meet with us. After our first lesson the brother there, who is less active, said he wants to be the one who baptized him and he now has he goal of quitting smoking. I am so excited to watch their progress. My companion went to he temple for so one she taught in another area, so I had splits with me here. And she thought it would only take 3 hours, but it took 5, and it was fun getting to know people in that time. It helped me learn the area a little bit more 🙂

I sad to say goodbye to my old area, but this area is amazing!



The blessing are just pouring in!

(Sept. 7th)

sept2015 sept20151

Nope, p-day is today 🙂 I am being transferred! I am going to
Harriman. I am so excited. I will really miss this area though. 6
months is too long, now I have too many people that I love and I don’t
want to leave them. But I know the Lord has so many great things in
store for me! There are going to be some pretty great people 🙂

This week was great! We went to a former investigators house to see if
he was home, and he wasn’t. But as we were driving away a lady flagged
us down and told us that her neighbor had a daughter who was over 8
that wanted to get baptized and her mom, who is less active, was
trying to find someone to teach her. We went to talk to them and the
girl turns 9 Thursday, and we will have our first lesson with them on
Friday. The mom even said she wanted her other kids to sit in! It was
so cool. The Lord truly does put you into places for a reason. Even
when it seemed like a trial or a failure, it’s just a stepping stone
bringing you closer to a huge blessing.
We had a lesson with one of our less actives, and at the end of the
lesson we asked her who she wanted to pray, because she said she
doesn’t like praying out loud, and she volunteered herself! First time
she has prayed loud in years, and it was such a great experience.
We met with a family, the parents are both RM’s but fell away for
awhile, and their 14 year old son isn’t a member, and they really want
to be active again and their son is on date to be baptized in the 19th
of September! They are such a great family, and they already do family
scripture study and have been going to church for a few weeks. I love
We got an email from one of our ward mission leaders and he said an
active family brought a family who is renting their basement apartment
to church. And the husband was less active and the wife isn’t a
member, but now they have decided to make God a priority in their life
and want to meet with us!
The blessing are just pouring in! It’s so much fun. We also had
breakfast and had fun with a recent convert and his family this
morning. I flipped the pancakes, so they looked odd. But tasted great

(Aug. 31st)

Aug20159 aug20158
it was so good seeing Sister Inman! She
is going to be such an amazing missionary, the world is about to get a
whole lot better 🙂
It is so great having a temple so close. It sounds like it’s being
well used. I hope the temple trip goes well, and tell Claudia I said hi 🙂
This week was great! I got to go on exchanges, and this time I went to
the Hermanas area. I got to practice my Español and have amazing
authentic Latin food. While we were at dinner, in Pleasant Grove, they
knew someone in Orem they wanted us to go and see. We are also having
a first lesson tonight with a part member family, and our ward mission
leader for that ward is the one who arranged everything. I love
serving in an area where I can learn how to be a great member
missionary. I realize now that I was not very active in spreading the
gospel before now, and now I’m still learning how to be better. One of
our investigators was having an interview and her little girl was with
us and the senior couple and we spent a lot of the time hiding from
‘the big bad wolf’ it was so cute. We were going to have a lesson with
a recent convert on Sunday but he couldn’t because he was sick, so we
got a can of chicken noodle soup and put a scripture on it so that he
was spiritually and physically fed. He thought it was funny, and we
still got to see him, so it was a good night. We have seen so many
miracles in this area, and I’m so happy that I’ve been able to be here
this long. I have the best companion, and wonderful leaders. This is
the best mission I could have ever asked for.

(Aug. 24th) 

aug20157 aug20156 aug20155 aug20154 aug20153

I was just talking about frisbee golf yesterday because one of the
couples we teach said it was their anniversary but they didn’t have a
good month so they just went to subway, and I talked about how much
fun it is to do free things outside. I love having productive things
to do, it’s so good to be anxiously engaged in a good work! If you
need something to do, family history is the best! Plus, if you find
names of people I can do baptisms for then I can go with a recent
convert for the first time and do baptisms with them.
I’m so glad that the sisters there have a family like you. I can’t
even express how important true friends are when people are
investigating the church, and even after. We had a recent convert who
was going backwards and he was going to skip church again for the
second week and a friend went over to his house and brought him to
church and he was so much happier when we met with him yesterday, and
he shared his testimony of how much church helps him.
We had a lesson with a nine year old rent convert, and normally his
mom or grandma tell him what’s to say for his prayers because he’s too
shy and doesn’t know what to say. But we talked a lot on prayer and at
the end of the lesson he said a prayer on his own, and he had a
question about who Heavenly Father was and we invited him to pray
about it, so in his closing prayer he asked his question and it was so
cool! The faith of a child is amazing, and the sincerity of his prayer
was a great example to me.
We were trying to contact a referral in an apartment complex, but they
weren’t home, and since we had a few minutes until our next
appointment we decided to get to know their neighbors (our version of
trackting) and we met a couple who, after talking to them, said that
they aren’t active for a few reasons, but they said it was a goal they
had to go back to church, then we had our first lesson with them on
Sunday and it went great! I’m so excited to see this couple grow and
change because of the gospel.
We had a zone conference this week and I liked what one elder said, we
were talking about talking to everyone and sharing the gospel as we
do. And he said “we’re more than nice people in nice clothes, we’re
missionaries.” It was funny and inspiring, we can do more than smile
and wave, we can help bring others unto Christ 🙂 and then after we
found that a tire on our car went flat, but we had lots of elders to
help us lol. The one who actually changed it was the senior elder over
the cars for the mission, but me and my companion helped when we could

The gospel is true and the book is blue

(Aug 17th)
Today was great! We got to go to mission home and have lunch with
president and sister Killpack and our zone, and we played some games.
Latter we will go to a sister’s house that we teach and she will help
us make dream catchers that is exciting! I love how giving the people
are here, and doing things with people we teach outside of lessons is
so much fun. We were able to have a lesson with a former investigator
who just got out of jail. He said while he was in jail he read the
Book of Mormon every day and he loves it! I was able to meet him a few
months before, and he is different now. He has just an optimistic
outlook on life and he smiled more in that lesson then I’ve ever seen
him smile before. He said he wants to be a better person and to keep
reading the Book of Mormon. I am so excited to start meeting with him
regularly! We also were able to have a great lesson with a man that
we’ve been speaking to outside of apartments. He has always said he
likes to just worship on his own, but this last time he asked more
about why we are teaching, and he was so surprised that the church
doesn’t pay for us to come out and that we can’t date. He said it’s too
much commitment for him to do, but that the LDS people are very hard
working, so that’s a step-in the right direction. He said he would try
reading the Book of Mormon! I love seeing how people change and
progress. The gospel is true and the book is blue 🙂

I love you!Aug20152

(Aug 10th)

This week has been amazing. Last week we were driving on the freeway
and a giant rock hit our windshield, it was so loud, and a little
scary. But it only made a little don’t and the car shop in Provo said
it was very small and wouldn’t cause any trouble for us, so that was

And we have seen so many people this week that I have seen in a
while. One sister said our timing was so perfect, because it was the
first time she was home that day and she had just sat down to turn on
the tv when we knocked, then she talked about how lucky she as because
she got the exact schedule she needed for work, even though she had
the last pick. We pointed out that Heavenly Father was blessing her
and she said it was weird to think of it like that, she wasn’t use to
using words like blessing and she didn’t think she was the how God
wanted to bless. It is so amazing to see people come to understand
Heavenly Fathers love for them more and more, it would be so sad to have
that in my life. One of our investigators has a baptismal date! She is
getting baptized in the beginning of September, and we are all very
excited. We decided to knock on a random door at apartment we were at
and they were members and we asked who they knew that we could go
meet, and they said their down stairs neighbor was less active, so we
went there. The sister we met let us in and we were able to have a
great conversation and she said that day had been a hard one and she
was glad to hear the message. She has two teenage daughters that don’t
like church and she said it made it hard to go, but we’re going to
stop by more and help in in any way we can. Today our senior couple
took us to kneeders and we had unlimited French toast, it was so good.
Then a la sister we were able to serve last week did our nails today.
They are so cute, and she is so nice. Mine change color with the
weather, warm = darker. But the CTR part is my favorite 🙂aug20151

(Aug. 3rd)

This week we met a lot of new people! I have gotten much better at
talking to everyone, and I can see how I can still use these skills
after the mission. We stopped at a house of a family who is less
active and has a daughter who was recently baptized and sons who used
to investigate the church and while we see talking to them their
neighbors came over. It was awesome! They were also their home and
visiting teachers, so they had a good relationship with them, and we
were able to share a message with them and the neighbors invited the
family to join us all for a bbq this week. It was so cool to see how
friends make such a difference in people. We were able to talk about a
lot more with the neighbors there then we would have otherwise been
able to do. We also stopped by another former investigator and his
home teachers, his wife is a member, were there and they shared a
message of eternal families. I love seeing member missionary work! We
were also able to do service for a less active sister that we haven’t
been able to meet with yet, and after we served her she was so open
and willing to have us come back. And we helped a family we teach move
on Saturday and they said, because we can’t leave our area, they will
come here to make us dinner, they are so sweet. I love service!
My companion is from Missouri and she has 8 siblings. She is awesome!
I am so excited for this transfer. She has a lot of wisdom I can learn
from 🙂aug 2015 aug2015

I am excited to meet my new companion

This week I have been in a trio with the Spanish sisters and they are
great! I am basically only with them in the morning during studies and
when we come home at night, but that has been enough time for me to
learn a lot. The members here are awesome and I have been able to have
enough splits for every day. It’s weird having multiple companies
during the day, but it’s fun too. I am excited to meet my new
companion though, I will never take them for granted again lol. I got
to go to the sealing of a family who was less active that we taught in
this area. It was such a beautiful sealing and I was reminded of how
important the family is. I have never had more joy than when I get to
see someone I love go inside the temple, and to see whole families
sealed together is amazing! The temple is such a place of peace and I
know that it is the house of the Lord, and I know that families can be
together even after this life, and temples are where that can happen.
I also got to learn from recent convert. She taught us the law of
chastity and she was so good at it. She connected the Word of Wisdom
and the law of chastity by talking about how our bodies are temples.
And she said “you can know God loves us because he gave us the Law of
Chastity”. How many 17 year olds say that? She is awesome.
I stay in this area, and I meet my new companion this Wednesday! We
will only be sister training leaders over one zone now, so that will
be new.july 2015 11

We played bubble ball for our zone activity

(Referring to the temple) That looks like a lot of fun! Harrison is so lucky, that was the coveted spot in our open house too. It is just an amazing thing for everyone, but especially non-members to go to. The spirt is so strong, and it is a great opportunity for people to learn more.

This week was amazing! We were on exchanges for three of the days, so I had three different and wonderful companions lol. I was able to meet so many people this week, One lady is a recent convert who has never been to the temple. So we are going to work with her to help her go and do baptisms for the dead and because she wants to work to be sealed with her husband.

One of the couples I taught with in Payson came up to Orem and we went out to eat. It was so good being able to see them again.

We had a wonderful lesson with one of our investigators who is 9. Normally her mother will sit in, but this last time her whole family sat in. She has one little sister and her parents are las active. During the lesson the father said that he wanted to start doing family home evening and it was so cool! I know that his daughter has a huge effect on him. He said he notices how she says every Sunday that she’s going to church and that she likes praying. It is amazing to see how her example has softened his heart so much.

We also played bubble ball for our zone activity this week. It was a lot of fun! We each paid $10 to rent it, and during the week one of our dinners had a sick child so they gave us money to go and eat, then someone in the restaurant paid for our dinner (people here are SO nice!) so we had extra money for the activity 🙂 july 2015 10

This week my companion goes home 😦 and because they are trying to combine parts of two mission they have extended the transfer for everyone else by a week… So I will be partly in a trio with the Hermanas, and then just go on a lot of splits for the next week. One of the blessings of this area though is that there are a lot of members, so we have already been able to find sisters who will be able to be my companion for a lot of the time, and most of them are RM’s

Love you!


The Hermana in the middle is the one I was on exchanges with and she’s great 🙂

My companion is going home this week! It’s sad, but tis the way of life I guess. She really loves the color purple, so we went to the Purple Turtle. july201512This is one of our senior couples who finish their mission in a week, it will be sad to see them go too

july201513This is our per senior couple and they only have a few week let on their mission. And he other Hermanas are the Spanish sisters who cover the same area we do. (I realized after the picture that I stood in the wrong spot, they are tall, I am not that short lol)

Pioneer Day is almost bigger than the 4th here,

That is so cool! Everyone looks very happy. I hope David does well
with everything. That is awesome that you got to go to the VIP tours,
I’m excited to go inside someday 🙂 Pioneer Day is almost bigger than
the 4th here, but I don’t know what we’re doing.
Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to email, so this will be
short. But it’s because a wonderful lady that we teach is a hair
stylist and offered to cut our hair. She did a trim and curling for
me. It is so nice. Then we had a fun district volleyball game.
Then we decided to text all of the less actives in our phone that we
didn’t know, and it was awesome! We texted about 40 people and some
answered and said they have moved but are active now, and some are
working with missionaries in another area. One lady said that her
niece was getting baptized his Saturday and had just been thinking the
day before we texted that she should probably meet with the
missionaries again, so we got to meet with her and she is wonderful.
We also stopped by the house of another woman we teach on Saturday,
and she said she had been debating with herself all day on whether she
was going to go to church or not. We talked about the sacrament and
the importance and she said she does love the sacrament and that would
make going to church worth it. We talked with the family whose son
with Down syndrome got baptized and they said it’s been incredible.
Their son has eaten new foods that he’s never been willing to try
before, and he has started talking more when people are around. We had
interviews with our mission president and he is great! You can tell he
has a great love for all of the missionaries already and he speaks
with the spirit.

This area is amazing, my companion is great, and the people are wonderful.
Sister Inman

Sister Inman & Sister Wicker
Orem Aspen stake Timpview stake

the spirit taught me what I needed to know

I really love all of the pictures! They are so fun. I looks like a happy family reunion. It will be a long time before we have a picture with everyone in it again lol. I’m so excited for your talks! You are both going to do amazing. What is the play you will be in, and do you know what you’ll be doing?

The 4th of July was a lot of fun. We got to go back to our old mission, Provo. The parade was amazing. So many people support he missionaries here, and I now we are very spoiled. We get to walk down the road and people just cheer and clap and say how much they love the missionaries. I like communicating with pictures better so I might just send those later.

We had an amazing experience with one of our new investigators. She is from Russia and basically grew atheist, but she is so good at recognizing the spirit. She has a lot of health issues and the doctors only know enough to know that there is a problem, but they don’t know what it is or how to fix it and she asked for a priesthood blessing. In the blessing her body was commanded to be healed and it talked about how the atonement. Ames it possible and through her faith her healing will be an example to other sand she will be able to be an example of the power of Christ. It was amazing and she talked about how much she felt the spirt.

We met with a family from India and they talked about how they have been in Utah for a little while now and what really makes them interned in the church is how family focused it is. And they are impressed that we go to church to worship every Sunday and that we don’t have any statues in our church buildings. They had wonderful questions and I’m so excited to see how the spirit touches the hearts of those who are humble and willing to learn.

We got to meet our mission President this week and they are a wonderful president and wife I look forward to getting to know them more.

I was studying about tithing this morning for a family we will teach tonight, and I was reading about putting the kingdom of God first. It’s amazing how I was studying for so one else, but the spirit taught me what I needed to know. I gained a stronger testimony of how much Heavenly Father loves us. Christ put it so simply when he taught that Heavenly Father knows what we stand in need of, and as long as we put him first we have no reason to worry about the future. It may come in different forms, and may even look like a trial at first, but when all is said and done the faithful will be able to look back as say “thank you Mr. Gardener for loving me enough to cut me down”. How wonderful the privilege of paying tithing is. We will always be protected and proved for, and I know there are more blessing than we can even take in being poured out. I love you so much and I know that Heavenly Father is aware of you. There is an all-powerful, all-knowing, God who is concerned with you specifically and who desires your happiness. That sounds like a safe bet to me 🙂 July 2015 1 july 2015 2 july 2015 3 july 2015 4 july 2015 5 july 2015 6 july 2015 7 july 2015 8

I am now in the Utah, Orem mission!

(June 29th)

We have gone with a sister whose husband we’re teaching to do yoga in the morning and it’s very nice relaxing to be able to do.

We had a meeting with our stake president and the high counselors over missionary work and it was so motivating to see how much the love missionary work. They work so hard and I feel very blessed to have such strong leaders in this area. The members and Leaders are such a big factor of the missionary work in their area and they are very excited about the work, so they help us tremendously.
This week we had the baptism of the young man with down syndrome. it was one of the most spiritual baptisms I’ve ever been too. The family has been waiting for a long time for him to be baptized and they were so happy that this day finally came. The confirmation afterwards was wonderful. It said that the spirit will help him with his speech and with his stomach so that he’ll try new foods. It was the best way to start a day!

I got to go to the Payson temple and see a family that I met with in Payson sealed. They have been waiting for since he got baptized to get sealed, and they love that the Payson temple was finish at just the right time. It was such a great experience being able to see their son sealed to them too. I have not been to many sealings, but this is my favorite one so far =)

We had a conference with the whole Orem mission (except about 16 missionaries from the SLC mission) and it was awesome! We got to hear from our mission president and his wife one last time, and seeing all of the missionaries that I would be serving with was great. It is definitely a privilege to be starting a new mission and to be a part of this great work!

Thank you so much for everything!

I love you,

Sister Inman!

thank you for all of your prayers, they really help=)

June 2015 13 June 2015 12 June 2015 11

(June 22)

I meet my new mission president probably sometime in the first week of July. We normally have a leadership meeting the first week of every month, but I don’t know if that will still happen though.

I am so excited about the split! It’s even more evidence that the work is hastening. I get to be a part of two missions and stay in an area that I really love. I felt a strong desire to be in this mission since I first heard that it was going to be created, so it’s also evidence that the Lord loves making me even happier =) I am excited to meet my new companion, but that won’t be for about three more weeks. My companion now is great! She is a very good teacher and I’m able to learn a lot about how an excellent missionary teaches from her.

We got a call from a family in one of the wards and they said that their son is 11 and has down syndrome and they feel he is finally ready to be baptized! I am so excited to be part of it. I feel like I’m teaching Enoch 🙂 we also got to meet with one of our investigators and he said that he finally asked work if she could have Sundays off! We are praying that his work say’s yes. We met with a new investigator who moved into the area and she is awesome! She said that she was raised without a belief in God, so she asks a lot of questions and doesn’t believe things easily. She said it took her a long time to understand the atonement, and after weeks of thinking about it she got her answer in a class that was completely unrelated to religion. But now she has a beautiful testimony of the atonement. She seems like someone who will not convert quickly, but when she does she will be truly converted. It was so great meeting her, and I’m excited to see what she will gain a testimony of next. We had a chapel tour for the stake and the young men’s group came from a ward and two young men who weren’t members came and it went so well. One of the young men took a Book of Mormon with him as he left. I know that the Lord is blessing this area and I’m so glad that I get to stay here. we had a meeting where we were teaching the district how to use the online tools and it happened to be one of the elders birthday, so some sisters made everyone these great fry burgers, but they left some fries in the oven and they kept cooking, so the kitchen got really smoky and the fire alarm went off. The sisters were so embarrassed. But it was actually quite fun. The fire trucks came and the elder who had the birthday is from England, and he got to get his picture taken with the fire truck and they gave him a hat. It was quite the adventure.

This week was another great blessing from the Lord and I’m so glad to be here

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(June 15)

Its weird seeing Harrison without a tag, but I’m sure he’s having fun
with his nephew. The Lord provides if it’s his will, and there are a
lot of sister RM’s, so Provo might be good for him lol.(referring to him finding a spouse)  I am so out of
the loop, I didn’t even remember there was a job option in Yorktown.
But I’m glad you made a choice and fell comfortable with it. I didn’t
do anything for the half way mark, I didn’t really think of it.
Get ready for a lot of pictures 🙂
The Orem mission doesn’t exist yet. The mission won’t actually split
until July 1st, when the new mission presidents get here. So I have no
idea what the Orem address will be. I love this area! I’m glad that I
was able to stay. Ever since I heard the mission was splitting I
wanted to be in this one, even though I have absolutely loved the
Provo mission, and this has been my favorite area so far. My companion
will go home at the end of this transfer so will more than likely
spend another 3 months here. I am so excited, I have always wanted to
stay for a while in the same area!
We went by a part member family this week who we haven’t seen in a
while. She had been traveling and it was hard to get ahold of them.
She said she had been having a hard time and had prayed for clarity
that morning. She was so happy when we came over and we read form the
scriptures with her to help answer her questions. It was such a
testimony builder that Heavenly Father knows all of us, and he knows
our needs. He will answer in the way and at the time that helm knows
is best.
One of our recent converts blessed the sacrament this week! That was
really cool and I love seeing people progress in the gospel. He is the
one that we went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead with a
little while ago. I don’t know if I sent a picture of that, so I will
in this one. The recent convert in the one in a purple tie.

June 2015 10 June 2016 9  June 2015 7June 2015 8

(June 8th)

I am going to be called to the Utah Orem mission! How exciting =) I will be in two missions. I am so happy to be staying in this area, and my companion will go home at the end of this transfer, so it’s very likely that I will stay in this area for at least another 3 months.

wow, so much greatness happened. Tawnymara got her mission call! Milwaukee Minnesota is a very lucky place. It looks like Harrison had a very warm welcoming, Danni looks like she missed him. It’s so weird that he’s back. I feel like he should just be an eternal missionary, but I guess life moves on. I plan on staying on a mission forever though, so you don’t need to worry about balloons or poster board 😉 I am so excited for the family!  In this mission I would be able to go to the mtc to say goodbye to Tawnymara, but I don’t know how it will be when the mission splits on July 1st. Harrison looks happy, and skinny, and also happy.

I love temple trips! It was a great experience with the open-house, but missionaries weren’t allowed to attend the dedication, unless they served in the temple district, and we couldn’t go to the celebration. I had no idea Dad was part of the Denver temple! That is so cool.

A senior couple from my last area emailed me and said that one of the less active men we were teaching had progressed very well! He went all the way through the temple last week and has plans to keep going with the senior couple! It’s was such a happy letter to get. We met three new investigators over the past week, and we met one of them in church. That is a great place to meet investigators =). We are seeing miracles in this area and I am excited to be a part of it for so long. I got a package from Tawnymara and Aurora and it was so nice! I am such a blessed person. My area is amazing, I get to have the same companion for more than a transfer for the first time since my trainer, and this will be the longest I will be in any area. We have more people that we are able to teach, and they are so prepared to hear the gospel. We are busy and happy and I am ever so grateful.

Thank you for all of your love and prayers, they make a huge difference. I do love the people and mission, but I hope that it goes slower.

Love you,

Sister Inman

I absolutely love this area!

Transfers are next week. It will be an exciting transfer because we will know then if we are in the Provo mission or the Orem mission. That sounds like an interesting dinner… (we pranked our new EldersJ) I don’t know what I would think if I had a dinner like that. It makes a great story to write home about though =) I love stake conferences. We have heard a lot of direction on ward councils too, it is wonderful! The Indy temple looks very beautiful, and in the picture it looked large, but either way I am excited to have one so close when I go home. I’m sure Harrison will enjoy the added measure of excitement and family that grandma will bring. wow, that’s great about Cori and Austin. I hope they have a beautiful wedding!

I don’t know if I thanked you for my birthday package, so thank you very much. It has been so great! I loved the rice crispy bars and the lemon grass soap smells so good.

We have we had dinner with a sister from the Marshall Islands and she gave us flowers and earrings and baskets that were hand made from coconut leaves. They are so beautiful. We have been slowly but steadily increasing the amount of lessons we have each week and it has been amazing to see the little miracles every day. Yesterday we got a call from one of our bishops and he said that he has been meeting with a young woman who is not a member and she just turned 18 and has decided that she wants to get baptized. We will hopefully meet with her soon, and the bishop said we could have the lessons in his house. Referrals are the best! We gave two talks on Sunday and they were each different parts of missionary work. The first talk was on retention and I loved studying for it. I learned a lot on how to be a better member missionary when I get home, and that recent converts and active members all need to be fellowshipped and strengthen by those around them. The second talk was good, but my favorite part was that my companion and I spoke before a sister who is about to go on her mission to Indiana! It was fun to talk to her. We had a lesson with the young man that was just baptized and he said that he wants to go on a mission! And we are going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead tomorrow. I absolutely love this area! I hope I can stay for a long time.

Love you all!

Sister Inman

(May 26th) 

This week we had such a good baptism! The spirit was so strong and he
looked so happy. His brother just got back from a mission a few weeks
ago and he was the one who baptized him and it was awesome. Yesterday
he got the gift of the Holy Ghost and he got the priesthood AND bishop
said he has a calling prepared for him. And we want to go to the
temple to do baptisms for the dead soon, but as missionaries we can
only do baptisms if it’s our own names and I couldn’t find any names.
But it will still be fun to watch it.
The Payson temple is more of a 9, and I’m sure the Indy temple will
be very good too. Those plants look huge. It looks like a jungle back
home compared to here. I think that is a very good use of my old room. (craft room)
We have been told not to go back to the same things that we left
because we’ll develop our old habits. So I might find another room
when I get home 🙂 I’m excited for Harrison’s home coming. That will
be an exciting week.

This week at church we decided to sit next to a woman who was in the
back by herself and we talked a little before the hymn started, then
in relief society she saw us and sat down next to us and throughout
the class we found out that she has been less active most of her life
but has been coming off and on the past few years. She said that it’s
really hard coming back, especially when she went inactive around 16
and she is now 75, but she has been trying. She is such a funny lady
and is so cute. We scheduled a time to come and teach her to help her
transition into activity easier and it will be so much fun. It is good
being able to be in my area full time again. We will be busy and
rested 🙂 I’m sad to be away from the Payson temple, but I really love
my area.
We were also able to see an investigator, who is 10, and his mother
and sister. I have never been able to meet this family since I’ve been
here, but he wants to be baptized and his older sister, who’s 12, has
such a great testimony. Their mom had a bad experience in the church
so they don’t get to go very often and she doesn’t like to schedule
with us, but the children are amazing and I love them! There are many
blessing from the temple here, I’m very grateful for it.
Discovering the plans that Heavenly Father has for us is exciting and
hard. We are an instant gratification type of people and God does not
follow those same time standards.  I’m very excited to find out what
is in store for Tawnymara too, and what he has planned for you 🙂

I love you!
Sister InmanJune2015June20152

It is so cool to see just how much a mission is not about you

Thanks for the birthday wishes. This morning my companion said happy
birthday and I was so surprised because I had forgotten it was my
birthday, then after studies I asked what hymn she wanted to sing and
she said happy birthday and I was surprised again because I had
forgotten it was my birthday lol. It is so cool to see just how much a
mission is not about you. I love being able to feel lost in the work.

At the temple I met an older woman who was so happy
because she got to go through the temple with her less active son.
Even though it was just an open house it was a small step for him in
the right direction, but she still beamed with happiness over it. I
can see Heavenly Father doing that, He sees every small step we take
and knows how they will help us and He just beams with happiness for
us. We taught a sister yesterday who we got to visit the temple
with last week and she told us that she wants to really work to be re
baptized so that she can see her son get married in the temple. She
has had other children get married in the temple, but now she wants to
live the gospel again for her. It was so cool to see the motivation
and happiness in her face as she talked about how she wants to do it
right and go through the temple again for herself.
It has been a very tiring week because our sleep schedule is so weird,
but it has been a fulfilling week. I also got a package from sister
Yaudas! It was so nice! And it has my favorite things in the world,
coconut milk hair supplies! It was kind of awesome 🙂
I got to see Aurora and Tawnymara at the open house! It was so cool.
It’s amazing to spend so much time around a temple and be reminded of
how important families are. I have the greatest family I could ever
ask for and I am so grateful that we can be together even after this
I’m so glad that you got to go out with the sisters. Some people need
a little extra Holland fire 😉 I am excited for Tawny’s call to come
Dads painting are absolutely beautiful. I showed them to everyone around me.

Love you,
Sister Inman

(Regarding photo) Sister O’neal (photographer) is so cute! I was carrying the water and cough drops
for a sister who wasn’t feeling well. And my car keys are because I
had to go to the car to get them. I’m just glad I get to do the behind
the scene work, that way not a lot of people have to stare at me lol.
And the sister I’m with is my coordinating companion at the temple, we
serve in different areas. But she also happened to be from Texas, like
my actual companion.may2015 temple