I was able to learn so much from the sister’s love of the people

I did get the package, thank you so much! It’s the best, you know just
what to send 🙂 although I feel like sending the skirt back because
it’s way too expensive. It’s adorable, and it fits perfectly, but you
could use it for so much better. I just don’t know how to send it
back to you… So dilemma. The McGrews are so amazing. They will make
the best missionaries. I didn’t get to know them as well as is
should’ve, but why I do know is that they have strong testimonies and
giant hearts. Sister McGrew makes the best embroideries 🙂

It was so much fun to come home to my early birthday present, thank
you! It had inspired gifts in it, I was almost out of mints lol. The
temple looks so good. I’m sad I won’t be there for that open house,
but I’m excited to come home to a temple so close by. I get to be at
the temple opening in Payson everyday, except Sunday, so I will get a
lot of experience with temple open houses. Is Danni going to be in the
temple celebration? That would be such a cool experience.
You and Danni look so good! Her boots are very cute. I love the
women’s conference, it was a good reminder to me to be more
charitable.  We got to sit next to a lady we are teaching and she
loved it, she is going through some hard times and connected really
well to the second talk.
On Monday we had our district activity & we called it the Volmer
Olympics because one of my companions is leaving this week and she
wanted to do a minute to win it type of activity. It was a lot of fun.
We went on exchanges, so I traded places with a sister from another area
and was another sister’s companion for the day. We also do exchanges
once a transfer, but it’s different being the sister training leader
because we do exchanges about once a week. All the sisters in our
zones are Spanish speaking, so is didn’t get to say much in the
lessons, but I was able to learn so much from the sister’s love of the
people and obedience in following the spirit. This week we saw the
temple training video for the temple open houses, it was so awkward
seeing myself on the tv. It’s a very cheesy video, it was embarrassing
because I had to teach a portion of the meeting because I’m a temple
coordinator. I did not want to teach after they saw me on screen, but
it was still a good meeting and the video was funny yet edifying. My
companion that’s going home this week was also in the video and we both
just laughed some of the scenes in there.

It so cool that you and dad are teaching family history. We had a lesson this week with a sister we’re teaching and she got so excited when the female history consultant showed her how to find more names, it was so evident she felt the spirit of Elijah. She said she almost started crying she was so happy, I want to learn how to do it better when I get home so that
I can take more names to the temple. This week has flown by! This is
the best area in the mission and I have the best companions and I get
to talk with the coolest people everyday. I’m so blessed. And I know
this is the best thing I’ve ever done.Mar2015 3 Mar2015 4


This area is amazing!

aww, that announcement picture is so cute! I’m very excited to come home and meet another niece/nephew (my guess is niece). I was transferred to Orem, but I know that my companion is doing ok. She is a very strong sister. This week was a little bit crazy. we cover two zones as sister training leaders, and every month we normally have to do a Zone Training Meeting with the Zone leaders but because of the restart with the ipads we have meeting every week, so we have tech zone training meetings twice almost every week. And I found out that I’m also being called as a Temple coordinator. Every sister in the mission will take 7 hour shifts at the temple about every three days, except for the 4 sister who are temple coordinators, we take 7 hours shift everyday,  so my schedule is about to become very busy. This area is amazing! It’s about 1.5 miles big, but we teach a lot of lessons, and the people here are amazing. The leadership is so involved in missionary work and we have members who help fellowship those that we teach. It is the celestial part of the mission (and the world) for missionary work. I am in a trio because one of my companions will be leaving in two weeks, but both of my companions are awesome. I have been very blessed to be able to learn a lot from both of them. This week one sister that we’re teaching texted us and told us what happened when she paid her tithing. She said the paid their tithing, then they had nothing left for groceries that week. but then she found a savings bond because she had a weird urge to organize their files, then their tax people found a mistake they made last year and now their tax return is much larger than they originally though, and so many more blessing. She said “I have a testimony of tithing now, the church is true =)”! is was so cool, and we got to see her 3 year old son get his baby blessing this past Sunday.  The longer I’m on my mission the more I don’t want to leave. There is so much joy in this work!

love you very much,

Sister InmanMarch20152

My companion is from Vanuatu and a cyclone just went over her home island

nope, I will not be staying through transfers. My companion will stay in this area and train a new sister from the MTC, and I will go to a new area and be the Sister Training Leader there. It’s crazy, and I’m super nervous, but I trust that the Lord knows what he’s doing. Time is flying by way too quickly! That sounds like an amazing time out for women! Testimonies and happiness go hand-in-hand. My companion is hilarious, so I’ve been able to do a lot of laughing this last transfer. I’m so excited for Enoch! I can’t believe he’s growing so much. We did service this week for a family in one of our wards and they have a 12 year old son who has down syndrome and they said he’s 12 going on 6. He was so cute and reminded me a lot of Enoch. He came down with a box of pizza while we were talking to his parents and he kept doing jazz hand and showing off the pizza, it was so cute. We had just eaten dinner though so he was a little sad when we didn’t eat his amazing pizza. they said that they moved to Utah for the school program for him because they tried to teach him, but the school he was in made a big difference. The more names will be enough of a birthday present for me, and you can send it anytime and I’ll promise not to open it until my birthday ;). My shoes are great, my boots are getting rough, but winter is over so I can go back to my other shoes! My other shoes are still in really good condition. My companion is from Vanuatu and a cyclone just went over her home island, her family and her could use your prayers. I like what you said about prayer, we should try to never pray in vain, which means acting on what we’re praying for (if it’s possible).


This week was awesome! We got to go on exchanges, which is where we split championships with our sister Training Leaders for a day, and it was so good. I stayed in the area and it was so cool to see how the other sister was able to study and teach everyone we saw that day without even knowing them. I have a strong testimony on the power of the Spirit. We don’t need to know all thing, but we can know many things as we strive to be worthy of the Holy Ghost. We had a first lesson with a less active family who is coming back to church and it was so good. They didn’t have a testimony on everything in the gospel, but what they did have a testimony of they were strong in that testimony. You could feel the spirit so strongly as they talked about how they came to know a certain principle. I know that testimonies are not a blanket thing, you have to develop a testimony of each individual principle of the gospel. But on the other side, you can know that the church is true, by the power Holy Ghost without knowing every principle. So that was a long and complicated way to say that testimonies come over time and differently for each person, but each person can always grow in their testimony. I love being able to study and learn this gospel everyday! That should be on your list of way to be happy, study the gospel! I am excited for the future and all of the things that will happen. I always pray for my family, and I know that Heavenly Father is listening and answering 🙂 you are so incredible!

Is there anything you would like me to pray for? How is everything with Danni going, does she like school too?


i love you a lot, like, a lot a lot

become immunized and not quarantined to the temptations of technology

(regarding Muncie 1st ward’s loss of sister missionaries)We lost a lot of sisters too, but in the summer things will grow again because everyone will be out of school. Eating is the same I guess, meat every night and people giving us yummy looking candy. But people here are so nice, they give us dinner to take home and offer to help us with lunch. I will definitely not starve 😉

We got to go to the temple this morning and it was amazing, as usual. I am done with the family names you gave me, I get to go back to the temple in three months though. We had a lot of lessons with less actives this week, and met two new families that we are starting to teach. I love all of them! We met one family because a sister who used to serve here went to see them and invited us along. It was a great lesson and the family asked us if we could help them with family home evenings and we are also going back to help them with the yard. They are such a great family, and said they would go to at least sacrament meeting this Sunday.  It is so cool to watch people rediscover their testimonies and work to go to the temple. We got to teach a temple prep class this Sunday and it was so much fun. All of the people there were attentive and they are very prepared for their missions. It seems like the missionaries coming out just keep getting better and better. We went to a conference this week about the ipads and the entire mission was there. The chapel and gym were full. The conference was focused on us and not the ipads though. We are learning how to become immunized and not quarantined to the temptations of technology. Every aspect of our life starts with how we are on the inside.


My new companion is sister Lani from Vanuatu

My new companion is sister Lani from Vanuatu (it’s by Fiji). She is
great! I think that an act of love a day is a wonderful idea. I very
much miss your back rubs, I hope the people you served know how lucky
they are 😉.  Enoch is very impressive, even with a ramp I think I
would get a gutter ball every other time haha. You look so pretty in
the pictures! I can’t imagine someone not getting excited about 50%
off goodwill, I’m pretty sure every missionary would love that.

This week we had a lot of people move, or finish the lessons, or take
a break so I thought that we would have a lot fewer lessons this week,
especially since transfer weeks are usually slower, but we had almost
the exact same amount of lessons. It was really cool. And we contacted
a few people that other missionaries had taught before but stopped for
one reason or another and we had a lot of success. One family we
stopped by is a part member family: the mother was less active, the
dad isn’t a member, and they have a daughter (10yr old) who was
investigating for a little while. When we stopped by the dad answered
but when the daughter saw us she ran up to the door and was so
excited. She said she had been going to church lately and that they
were looking for missionaries to come back so she could get baptized
soon. It was awesome! Im so excited to begin teaching them. We also
stopped by a house trying to find get to know a recent convert sister
and her family but they weren’t home, and then we went to a music
activity at the church and the last family we talked to was the family
who’s door we were just knocking on and they said they were going to
the temple in March to be sealed as a family. It was great news. On
Sunday, about 5 minutes before sacrament started, I realized that I
forgot to bring the talk I wrote from sacrament. I was a little
nervous about it, but the spirit helped me to remember what I studies
and it all turned out alright. We ate dinner with a family that I have
come to really love, and they gave me a green blanket with my name and
the year sewed into it. It is so cute!

Have a great month of love 😘

This is my awesome companion. She’s the normal one who doesn’t have
two different colored eyes lolfeb2015 feb2015I feb2015II Feb2015III feb2015IIII

We see so many miracles

(Feb. 2, 2015)
I ordered the patriarchal blessing from g-grandma Howell, I hope I
can get it soon. I’ll mail you a copy when I do. What is the weather
like? Thanks so much for asking, but I am so provided for it’s crazy..
That’s so cool, I think they just look great in white 😉 (referring to the baptism of Rolf – Bill baptized him) the Book of
Mormon is such a powerful tool in conversion! It really does bring the
spirit like nothing else. Yes, time moves far too quickly and I don’t
like it. This Wednesday my companion is being transferred, so I will
take over the area and have a new companion soon. I love this area so
so much. This week we taught a less active foster boy, a few days
before he had told us that he signed up for the army and would leave
in May, so we taught about missionary service and it was such a good
lesson. At fast and testimony meeting on Sunday he bore his testimony
and said that during the closing prayer of our lesson he got his
answer that he knows he should serve a mission! It was the best, I
might have got misty eyed. And on Sunday I felt like we should go and
see his foster brother, who is one of our investigators, and my
companion wasn’t sure because it was super bowl Sunday and they would
be watching football, but we both agreed to go and try anyways. He was
in trouble when we got here so he couldn’t watch the super bowl
anyway and his foster mom let us have a lesson with him, which is
rare when he’s in trouble. It was really cool because he said that he
had prayed earlier that day asking for missionaries to come over and
teach him a lesson and that his foster mom would give him a second
chance. He was so happy during the lesson and during the lesson his
grandpa called and he looked like it was Christmas. When he came back
he said that he told his grandpa that he was getting baptized on
Valentine’s or he 21st and his grandpa said he would come down and
baptize him. It was awesome. On a less spiritual note, we were driving
down a road and saw this old lady running down the sidewalk trying to
lasso her little runaway dog. It was so funny to see, we stopped and
caught the dog right before it ran into the street. She was so
grateful, and a little winded, it was cool to see the great timing of
the Lord, but also hilarious. We see so many miracles and I absolutely
love my mission!

Love you so much
Sister Inman

P.s. You look so good, and Danny and Enoch are, as always, adorable ☺️

Sister Tripp & Sister Inman

(Jan 26th, 2015) 

Yeah, it was so cool. She (Sister O’Neal – a family friend) said that dad drew for her when he was living across the street. The temple activity (where Eve met Sister O’Neal) wasn’t even for any of the stakes I’m covering, we just got to bring one of our investigators so we went. It was so much fun to find someone who knew you guys! She said that she is in your wedding picture and that she was probably pregnant lol. They were awesome. Thank you for the names, I’ll see if I can get their blessings, and if not I’ll let you know. Enoch looks so tall! He needs to stop growing for the next year or so. I love that quote, laughing is so much more fun than crying. And you look prettier when you laugh haha.

This week I also met someone else who knew dad. We gave a talk in one of the wards and after he came up and said that he was just visiting from another state, but that he knew another Inman and Googled it to see if there was any connection and found that he knew dad. He said they went to Ricks together but haven’t talk for a while. It was so weird that we gave a talk on the one Sunday he would be there, and that I met two people who knew you so close together. This week on of the less active we are teaching got a priesthood blessing and went from smoking 20 cigarettes a day to smoking 5. He is slowly working on smoking 0! It is so wonderful to see how the priesthood blesses lives. It is the most touching thing when we get to teach fathers who have been less active for years, but come back because they want to be worthy to baptize their kids. I am so blessed to have grown up with a father who could bless me whenever I needed it. We had exchanges this week and I left to go with a sister training leader in her area, and they are Spanish speaking, so that was fun. at one house they lady was on the phone and invited us in, then she took so long, about 40 minutes, and I may have fallen asleep for a minute, but when she finished her call and came back in she got startled because she forgot we were there. It was funny. They had one lesson that was in English, and I liked that one. Not just because I could understand what was going on, but because it was for this guy who is wanting to be baptized, but isn’t married to the woman he lives with. We talked about him proposing to her and they were so cute, I don’t know when they will get married, but they said they will be! I know how to say “sorry, I don’t speak English” in Spanish because Miriam taught me how, and the sister I was with said that I didn’t even have an accent when I said it so it made it sound like I could actually speak Spanish. It was a fun exchange.  We went to a talent show that the special primary put on and it was so cute. They hold special primary every Wednesday for anyone who is handicapped or disabled and it’s for all ages. One of the acts was a guy who has Down syndrome and he played the violin. He had music in front of him and everything, but he just moved the bow back and forth. He did it for so long that people just started clapping because it didn’t look like he would be finished. It was so cute, and he was so proud of it =) last Monday we went to a Hindu temple and it was so pretty. There are a lot of similarities between their religion and our and it was cool to see. We also when to the elders landlord basement it was huge. They had a pool table, and foosball, and a club house and other stuff. It was a lot of fun.

I love you!
God speed

Everything denotes there is a God

So much is changing! I can’t keep up with all of it, but I feel
so much peace knowing that the lord is in control. Did you know that
you can order your ancestors patriarchal blessing? Do we have any
deceased ancestors who have gotten a patriarchal blessing, because if
we have I would really love to read it!

During our lessons this week we were teaching a woman who had
been struggling with a question she’s had for over a year. Her son was
watching tv but left and we couldn’t find the remote to turn it off,
but when she started talking about her experience of getting her
answer the TV froze and the power turned off, then when we finished
teaching and were saying the closing prayer and it turned back on again.
The timing was divine, and it showed how much importance God sees in
remembering our answers from him. She said that she feels a lot of
peace because of it and that she wants to become completely active
because she knows that God still loves her. It was such a cool
experience and I am so incredible happy that her prayer was answered.
We also got temple recommend holders for an investigator and his older
brother who both have goals to get to the temple, and they had such
excitement in writing down what they wanted and how they were going to
be able to make it there. The amount of lessons we’re teaching has
grown a lot so we have to go on splits a lot more now, but it’s
wonderful to see how the Lord is building his kingdom. I also get to see
the most beautiful sunsets every night. Everything denotes there is a
God. I’m so happy that you are loving your job. It sounds nice, Danni and Enoch are adapting to their new schooling pretty well 🙂 I very
much would like that ice cream, but for now it is replaced with the
sweet joy of the gospel.

I love you a whole bunch,
Sister Inman
Sister Tripp & Sister Inman

Goals set with Heavenly Father are goals that will become a reality


There is a young man that we’ve been teaching who is in foster care, and his two foster brothers are already members but they are way less-active, and in our last lesson with him he convinced one of his brothers to stay in the lesson with him. The lessons went so well, and it turned out that the foster brother actually took missionary lessons before and he was helping the young man we’re teaching throughout the whole lesson. By the end the brother said that he wanted to work to get his temple recommend and the young man said that he would go to the temple to do baptisms with him after he was baptized. It was so cool to see how the spirit works within people. This was the first time that we’ve been able to teach either one of his brothers, and it was a wonderful lesson. We also stopped in on a family that we hadn’t seen in a while because he works with the snow plow and had to cancel due to weather a few times. When we got there she said who is coming to the lesson (because we usually have a member of the ward there to fellowship them) and we were surprised because we didn’t think they were expecting a lesson. Since we didn’t bring someone they call their friend over to help in the lesson and that was awesome. After the lesson she thought we were coming at 6 or 7 but couldn’t remember and that her parents, which are not that friendly towards the church, were coming over that night and said they would come at 5 or 6. She was worried that we would run into each other but she said she prayed and knew that whatever happened would be the will of the father. We came to her house about ten minutes after her parents left and she said she that she was very happy that there wasn’t any tension or arguing that would have come if we showed up ten minutes earlier. It is so cool how many miracles we are able to see and how much I can see how Heavenly Father is looking out for the individual. He is in the details of our lives and knows the best way to bring us happiness. At the start of a new year we have been teaching a lot on setting goals, and it has been so clear that goals set with Heavenly Father are goals that will become a reality. the purposes of the lord can never, ever, be disrupted. “Remember, remember that it is not the work of god that is frustrated, but the work of men;” D&C 3:3. I love you!

Have a wonderful New Year!

Sister Inman


Well, I’m sorry they (Dad & Enoch) were sick, especially during Christmas. Did you
guys still go to the theaters to watch a movie? I’m glad that you
stayed healthy, I’m sure the rest of the family appreciated that. We
went to a house of a bishop of one of the wards we cover and they had
a huge Christmas dinner that was awesome, then after we all cleaned up
a Samoan family came over and did a hula dance to a Christmas song and
it was so cute. They had twin girls and one of them is planning to
serve a mission so we talked for a little while. We also got to visit
a less active lady we’re teaching and the spirit was very strong in
the lesson. We have too much snow here, our little car has gotten
stuck three time already. But kind strangers are kind enough to help
us. Speaking of kind strangers, we went outside to find our driveway
completely plowed, it was so nice. We also have this wonderful family
that gave two boxes of food and supplies, and they said we could come
shopping at their house anytime. They are so wonderful, they come with
us when we teach a brother in their ears and they give wonderful
testimonies. I did not know that Lucy (Joseph Smith’s mom) went into the woods to pray,
that is a wonderful example of how much parents actions affect their
children. That is so awesome about the baptisms! The lord really is
hastening his work. Chris is such a great guy, tell him hi back 🙂
don’t forget to continue to fellowship the recent converts, and that
they go to the temple to do baptisms right away. The temple can help
people to true convention like nothing else. I love it so much.

Oh and at the Christmas conference the president and sister McCune
gave us a temple recommend holder that Simon Dewy made. And my
companion was sad she had scrape off the car windows lolDec 2014 2 Dec 2014 3Dec 2014 4

Christmas: web eve web harrison


(Referring to our hangout) That time works great for me! I hope that I will be able to get the technology down. I can never think of things on the spot, so I will write some things down, but you might want to come up with questions before we skype.

Enoch looked so cute making the ginger bread house. I love my new area. We only cover two stakes: Payson south and Elk ridge, and it is so beautiful. We have five people on date for baptism in January, and we’ve gotten three new people to teach since I’ve been here. In my last area the last lesson I taught was to the sister who I met on my first night. she wouldn’t meet with us for week and it made me so sad because I knew she was having a hard time and I really wanted to say goodbye before I left so I texted her that I would be leaving and when we went to her house she opened the door! It was so cool. She said that she did something she wasn’t proud of and she couldn’t face us, but she didn’t want us to leave thinking she hated us. We had a great lesson and she is doing so much better now. Her oldest daughter (9 yr) came and gave me a huge hug and said she would miss me. Her grandma said that the girl wanted to be a missionary when she grows up. It was so cute, and all we did was help her with homework one night. I’m going to miss that family, but I already love the people in my new area so much. and I started this area saying that I’m allergic to sugar, so I haven’t had dessert at any dinner! It makes me so happy. and my companion is great too, I can tell that I can learn a lot from her. I’ll see you at 12 my time =)Merry Christmas!

oh, and I got my Christmas package! Thank you so much. I might have opened one or two of them… and I absolutely love the earrings! they are so cute =) I will tell you more about how much I love them on Thursday

I don’t know where I’m going, but I really look forward to it.

some nice members in Sister Inman’s area took these pictures and texted them to Bill!!

Sister Inman 1

Sister Eve &Meldrom

People really love to give us dessert around this time, but I know that I’m much happier without it so I’m trying to eat only health food now. I don’t know what time I can video call though, because I don’t know where I’ll be able to do it at.


I will be transferred this Wednesday. The amount of missionaries is going down so they are consolidating areas. This area will be combined with a blue area and sister Meldrom with go with that sister. I don’t know where I’m going, but I really look forward to it. We had an amazing zone conference this week with Elder Clark of the seventy. He said that when we get home we need to start school and work right away (because not being able to work while going to school is a myth). And that we need to go on 2 dates a week. It’s not very pertinent to me right now, but will be great later. What I really loved is that he said that our missions are an outline for our future. What we do now, and how hard we work, will affect the rest of our lives, and before we get married we should call their mission president and ask what type of missionary they were. If he doesn’t say “excellent” then we drop them, so work hard ;). After the mission we need to plan out our day, set daily/weekly/monthly goals, and we need to have daily prayer and scripture study. After a lesson with a new investigator we were scheduling for next time and his friend, who just got back from serving in Brazil, pulled out his planner to write in the next lesson. I was so impressed, that’s exactly what we were just told to do. The new investigator has a hard time with gaining a relationship with a “dead” person through a book (BOM), and his friend bore a great testimony on Christ being Alive. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and every day I come to realize just how great and important that little book is. This mission is the best kind of work I’ve ever done. It makes me so happy and excited about life. There is a sister going home this week and is so sad because she just wants to be a missionary forever, and I can already see how she feels that way. Elder Clark also said that if we study and apply everything in chapter 8 of preach my gospel then we will triple our income! For the mission that means more success in our area, but he said it works for everyone on or off a mission. I am so excited to implement everything we learned and to become a better missionary. I’m sad that I am leaving all of the people we’ve been teaching, and that I’ve come to love, but I know there are great things to come.


I love you so much!
Edgemont sister – Sister Meldrom & Sister Inman


(Dec 8th)


Yes, I can do the google hangout, Can Miriam come over to house (over there) while we Skype, and what time can Harrison do it? The coat is very warm so I gave tawny’s hers back, and it’s grey, and I don’t know who gave it to me. I will definitely pray for David and Camden that is so sad about Lincoln.


Last Monday we played flag football the frisbee and I was sore almost all week, but it was a lot of fun. We have has such great weather here that I just have to wear a jacket and I’m fine. We have so many ward Christmas parties to go to. We typically have three breakfast and three dinner parties on Friday and Saturday, but sometimes there’s a Sunday thrown in there. The ward parties end on the 21st. We eat a very small portion at each one. It’s really fun, and we were able to meet a lot of new people, and we have a new woman that we’ve started teaching from it. At one ward Christmas parties they did a white elephant and a couple we were sitting with brought an extra gift so we got to play, we ended up with a big box of whoppers and a book on fibromyalgia. This week we set a baptism date for one of our investigators! She is so awesome and is already super faithful in reading and going to church. She likes the idea of eternal families, but she has been raised catholic so it’s hard for her to change some of her views. We have a less active that we’ve been working with who is almost completely reactivated. He believe the church is try again (he served a mission in Africa) and this week he is going to go to all three meanings on Sunday. Last week we committed him to read every morning and he was smiling the entire lesson. I know the Book of Mormon makes people happy, and now he does too :). We got to go to the temple today and I was able to get another family name done. It was such a great experience, although the temple workers always ask where we’re going on our mission because that’s the temple that the missionaries in the MTC go to, but it was still very good. Christmas time is so cool as a missionary because we can see how it makes people a little more open to hear our message.


Have a fantastic week!
Edgemont sister – Sister Meldrom & Sister Inman


(Dec 1st)

It’s weird to think of how empty the house is getting at home. Is it
any cleaner, or is it just quieter? I wish I could here Danni and
Camden, but I know they will do beautifully. I love that you guys are
doing so much towards your family mission plan, it makes me very happy
🙂 I forgot to tell you, president said I could do the three way call
for Christmas, I would just have to do it at the senior couples house.
So if Harrison can than let me know so I can schedule a time!

This week we got to eat with a less-active couple we’re working with
and she invited her friend from work, who also happens to be less
active. So it was a very productive meal. The husband of the less
active has never sat in on a lesson, and has never shown an interest
in becoming active again, but during the meal he was talking about
when he saw a woman and her children in a store and the kids were
scarfing down a box of Cheerios and it reminded him of when he was
homeless so he got them a gift cars for food. He couldn’t even finish
the story because was so emotional, and that was the first time I’ve
ever seen him anything but stoic. At the need of the meal he said that
he has missed the feeling of the spirit and he agreed to stay for a
lesson with us once a week. It was so great! It’s hard to have lessons
with anyone on holidays unless we are eating with them. So we had a
thanksgiving breakfast, lunch, and a dinner. I didn’t realize that you
can buy your entire thanksgiving meal already cooked. One woman that
we ate with said she didn’t cook, so she just bought the meal. She
also got five different desserts, and one of them wasn’t pie, so I had
a pumpkins role. With the family at dinner we played scum, and I was
the president 2out of the 3 rounds I played, And  sister Meldrom was
my Vice President the first time and the family kept saying “the faith
is strong with these ones” it was funny. It was a good day, and I
never even had to eat pie. My zone played turkey bowl with another
zone and we dominated. We’re not allowed to keep score so I can’t tell
you how much we won by, but we did win. We played “tackle” football,
which means they had to tag the person with both hands. The elders
never wanted to tag the sister, so we could usually get pretty far
before another sister tagged us. President McCune came and played with
us for a little while, and that was fun.  My poor companion got hit in
the head with the football, and an elder fell over her so she got a
bruise in her leg, and it’s funny because she said that’s the same
thing that happened last turkey bowl. Everyone was sore the next day
from playing, but we had so much fun that we are doing it again today
for our zone activity. One sister that we teach gave us snowflakes
that she hand made form beads. They are so pretty! An elder in our
district had a birthday and turned 20, so I am now the youngest person
in my district. I really love this work, and all of the amazing people
I am able to get to know.
Also have you seen the He is The Gift video? It’s so good, and it’s
perfect to share with other around Christmas time 🙂

Edgemont sister – Sister Meldrom & Sister Inman

I feel so incredibly blessed

Christmas came early this year. I feel so incredibly blessed that I
don’t even have room enough to take it all in. This week my companion
and I were called and told to bring two outfits to the studios because
we would be in an instructional video. It was a little confusing, but
also very exciting. We found out that the church is making a video
that all sisters who will be helping at a temple open house will have
to watch. There were four other companion ships there, and we all were
very surprised by the announcement. We had to be at the filming studio
from 7am to 6pm on Thursday and Friday. They had a cool snack table
and they fed us lunch. It was so cool to see how movies are made. We
had to do some scenes in front of a green screen and there was a lady
who would fix our hair and makeup after almost every shot. We got to
feel the spirit as we learned what we had to do to prepare for a
temple open house. The video will be translated and broadcasted all
over the world (only for sister missionaries though). They said that
they will send you a copy when it’s done that you can either keep, or
throw away, so you will get a copy of a video that I’m in.

If I wasn’t fully convince that this is the best mission ever, I am now.

Then I got a package from the Boyce’s that was so sweet and just made my day.
We had great lessons, and we found out that a sister we are teaching
will be baptized soon because she was waiting for her boyfriend to get
back from his trip in February, but he decided to stay home so she
doesn’t have to wait so long to get baptized! It was so exciting.

Then I got a package from you and that was the coolest thing to come home
to. I really really love the hand and feet warmers, they are awesome.
I also appreciate the letter from Dannie girl, she sounds so mature
it’s crazy.

Then the ZL the texted and said they had a coat that Tawny
gave to me. I cannot believe all of the blessing and miracles that I
have seen this week. I get to learn the gospel and be blessed with an
added measure of the spirit, and people act as if I am giving
something up. We meet a lot of people who said that they would have
gone on a mission, but it looked too hard and I feel so bad for them
because I have only been serving for a few months and I already have
received so much more than I gave up.

I gave a talk this past Sunday on gratitude and I will give another this Sunday on gratitude, so I am
learning a lot about being thankful, and I have come to realize that I
do not own anything and I never have. Everything is the Lord’s and we
are too often entitled and think that we need more than what we have.
I thought that learning about gratitude would mean that I would
receive less so I could exercise what I have learned, but instead I
have received more than I could ask for.

This is such a great time and I am thankful for everyone who prays for the missionaries, because it
makes a difference. I am also learning how wise my parents are and
just how lucky I was to be raised by such amazing people. Life is
good, life is very good.

Have an attitude of gratitude,
Sister Inman

Edgemont sister – Sister Meldrom & Sister Inman