I am very happy and I love this work

I am pretty warm, being able to have a car helps :). Working with less actives is a great experience. Being able to teach someone who already had the gift of the Holy Ghost is different from teaching people who don’t even know about the Holy Ghost. But I love both ways of teaching. This week sister Meldrom and I got to see a radio play, where they have costumes but just read the lines into the microphone, of “it’s a wonderful life”. It was so well done and brought back the realization that money doesn’t matter, and true wealth comes from family and loved ones. It was directed by a great lady with Down Syndrome. It was so cool to see how happy she was about finally having her dream come true. I also met a guy with Down Syndrome who said that he wanted to come on a mission with me. He was so adorable, and he is a great example to his less active family because he goes to church every Sunday and talks about how much he loves it. One of the investigators that we are teaching read all of Moroni and said that it was scriptural. He has been having lessons for a long time and never thought that there could be more scripture than the Bible, but now he’s starting to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon and he said at he will read the whole book starting for the beginning. It was so great to see him grow and come closer to the truth through every lesson. I did not get transferred, and neither did my companion, but almost every other companionship in our zone is different now. It was really big transfer this week. I am very happy, and I love this work, even though the time goes by so quickly. Three hours of scripture study in the morning is the best!

With love,

Sister Inman

Oh, and I also gave a talk on gratitude this Sunday and I met a great couple who he a fish. It was a beta, and it was 2.5 years old. Yes, I do expect my fish to live through my mission. And thank you very much for taking care of it while I’m away :}


This week there have been small, but wonderful, miracles.

Danni’s costume is crazy cute! People here are so nice. Last week for p-day we went up to Bridleville falls and it was so great. The weather was warm, and the trees were so pretty with their different colors. Last p-day we had a zone activity call they called the amazing race. We had to go out and do things to get points, like give a BOM to a non-member or sing a hymn to someone, and then we met up at a park and got to see all of the photos and videos that the companionship’s took. Sister Meldrom and I sadly lost, but we did get to meet sister Nibbly, she is the wife of brother Nibbly who wrote “I know my Father Lives”. she was so nice and she told us the story behind the song.

At the beginning of the week the sister training leaders messaged us and told us that they wanted to do exchanges on Tuesday instead of Thursday as planned. I got a little nervous because I had to stay in the area and we had scheduled all of our lessons for Thursday and we didn’t have any scheduled for Tuesday. But it all ended very well. Sister Lasson and I did get to teach, and we got free pumpkins which was awesome. I didn’t get lost like I thought I would, and I was able to do everything I needed to do. It was fun being able to drive again, and not have get out of the car to back anyone up. I am now half way through my 12 week training =).

This week there have been small, but wonderful, miracles. When I was running out of salsa for my burrito, we randomly got two containers of salsa from a ward activity, then someone called us to come and teach their mother, which was a great lesson, and they fed us breakfast. That same day we had lunch with three RM’s who knew one of the investigators we wanted to teach and we made a mission plan for them to fellowship her. we have also started this activity in one of the wards where, if we have open time, we will go to that neighborhood and give them a pack of M&M’s with our name, number and e-mail on the front, and we get to know the members better and give them a way to see us. We were able to meet a woman who had her less-active daughter and non-member son-in-law living in her basement and she invited us over to have dinner with them and teach a lesson. Then just last night someone called us and said they would like us to come and teach one of their friends. The work is moving forward! I can see the snow coming down the mountains, and it is getting cold, but at least it’s not the ice that you guys are getting. I think I should have brought a bigger coat, but I get to be in a car or a house most of the time so I stay warm. I have met a lot of women who talk about the missionary mom page, I didn’t realize how big it was. It’s so great to meet the people here who are preparing for a mission and to see how proud their parents look, it’s always a happy occasion. One family that we had dinner with said that Dad’s paintings were so beautiful, and that they looked like photos. I agreed, he’s the best.

How is everything going there, are you enjoying the almost empty house?

This life is awesome,

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then I remember that I get to help other people

I am pretty warm. It’s weird because the sun actually effects the heat, so if I’m in the sun I’m warm and if I’m in the shade I get cold. Dry heat is so cool. I heard that [  ] could feel our fast, that is so cool and shows how awesome the power of fast is. It’s great that the family is getting together, we’ll at least some of the family. And I’m so excited about William!

The work is awesome. We have an area that is filled with members and it has a very high activation rate, the highest in the country actually, but I love the place. The members are great and are vary faithful in feeding us and just helping us out. Last Monday we ran into a guy who showed us his story in the ensign then gave us a bag of Apple and a lady gave us free coins for the car wash, the another lady bought all of our Groceries, and right outside the store a guy gave us a free loaf of bread. The people are very nice and we have a lot of offers from RM’s to go on splits or just go teaching with us. I wish we had more people to teach, but I know we’ll find more people soon. If you could pray that we can find the people in our area that need us that would be very helpful. I love the three hours every morning that I get to study. My hour of personal study is the best. I can understand the gospel and how it applies to me and I never want to stop studying. But then I remember that I get to help other people learn more about the gospel and I am get excited for the day again. I pray that all of you prosper in you daily endeavors.

Have a blessed day,

Sister Inman

I absolutely loved my package

I absolutely loved my package! The blanket is possibly the softest blanket I have ever felt. The sheet is the perfect size and the card was so cute.  I brought the chocolates with me to watch Meet the Mormons and the Elders ate most of them, but I loved what I did eat 🙂 It was so great to find that when we came home,  I definitely fell asleep smiling. Thank you so very much Sister Hall and whoever else was involved! So like I said,  I got to see meet the Mormons. All the missionaries got to see it before it “officially” came out so that we could talk it up to everyone we saw, and it was fantastic,  I wish  I could watch it a second time. My area goes up into the mountains and it is so cool to look out over the whole city at night time. It was really cool to see the temple from so high up.  I got a Mission journal, I try to write down the highlights of everyday, but I don’t have a lot of time at night. This week I gave a talk in one of the 30 wards we’re over.  I think it went alright, it was a little short, but afterwards a lady told me that she was giving a lesson on what I talked about, and a lot of people thanked us for giving a talk. It was a little strange because  I don’t usually get thanked for giving talks, but it was nice. We have to give two talks next week.  I guess I’m going to have to get used to public speaking because we do it a lot here. Sometimes wards don’t even know they have missionaries until we give a talk, so that’s why we do it so often. oct 2014 1 oct 2014 2 oct 2014 3 oct 2014 4( I was wearing shoes) and  I was so happy because it reminded me of Colorado.  I haven’t seen goatheads in years! We met another sister this week who started crying when came to her door. She also asked how we knew to come, it was like dejavou, and we were able to have a great talk with her. her youngest son was having problems and she felt that it reflected badly on her so she stopped going to church because she felt judged for it. We had a great talk with her and she said she wanted to go back to church, and that she is working through the social anxiety that she has.  I would be great if you could pray for her and her son.  I love this area, and the people are so great! May God bless you, everyone.

I know that God is really smart, and a great planner, and that members can receive revelation

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I’m glad you got my box! Everything has to go to the mission home, and there should be a letter arriving soon that will have that address on it. I think I’m good on winter supplies, thanks though. It would be super awesome if you would send me a twin size fitted sheet and a little blanket though. The Sister training leaders gave me a loose sheet a fluffy blanket that they said i could keep, but there is no fitted one and i get cold really easily so a little blanket would be fantastic. It’s not an emergency so if you can’t that’s fine.

 My trainer is Sister Meldrom, she’s from Southern Illinois and have six siblings too. She is really nice, and has a great desire to be obedient and follow the lords will, so that’s awesome. I’m in a really posh part of Provo. Every house we’ve been in is huge, and super fancy. It’s weird. We cover three stakes, the Edgemont, Edgemont North and YSA 18th stakes. We get a car! I was so worried about riding a bike in a skirt, but i don’t have to worry about that for at least three months. I’m in the Asian district, but there’s only one Asian ward so i don’t have to learn Mandarin (although that would be cool) Elder Issac from my district at the MTC has to learn Mandarin, it’s really weird that we were put in the same district in the field. the poor guy said he only spoke in two lessons b/c they happened to know English. My first night was slow because the two appointments she had for that day cancelled, so we started contacting referrals. It was kind of a disappointing day, but on our last stop we went to a house of a less active and her eyes were so big when she saw us. She asked how we knew to go to her house, and we told her about a lady in the ward who referred her to us. she was touched that someone in the ward, that she didn’t even know, was thinking about her, and she said that she had prayed for the first time in years the night before. she asked if we would give her the lessons, which we obviously agreed to. We came back the next day to give her the lesson and it was awesome. she has agreed to prepare to be worthy to be sealed in the temples with her two daughters and she is reading the book of Mormon. it was great to feel the spirit so strongly in one of the first lessons I got to teach. So now I know that God is really smart, and a great planner, and that members can receive revelation that will help this great work go forth too! I was able to invite Greta, a 9 yrld girl, to be baptized. The date is set for Nov. 22nd.Sister Meldrom is great, and it has been wonderful to be here, even if it is super cold. I loved conference. I especially loved Elder Hollands in the second session. the story of President Monson flying home in his slippers was so precious! I also like the talk on being healthy. I’m am going to tell families that I’m allergic to sugar so i don’t have to eat any more desserts. I’v had like three pies since I’ve been here, and i don’t even like pie! I pray for you every night, but It’s great to know other people pray for you too. 
 The pictures are of my comp, and my last days at the MTC. The two elders on the ends are the one’s who went to Provo ( the elder with the blue tie is the one who has to learn Mandarin) and the one in the middle was the one who went to California. The chair is because it was one of the elders birthday so we decorated his chair and gave him a card.  
I love and miss you,
Sister Inman

From the MTC


Our family is so freaking awesome! William looks so cute, as do the rest of you. I wasn’t able to watch women’s conference, but if I get free time I will defiantly do that. I am so excited for General Conference! I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to the conference center this time, but I will love watching it either way. I go out into the field tomorrow at 4:00! I will send you the mission address when I get it. I got to see Elder Ballard speak last Tuesday, he encouraged all of us to strengthen our testimonies.  I have seen two of the elders from The District (the show). when we did infield orientation one of those elders was an actor in a little play the teachers put on. it was so much fun. The food is still not that good, but sitting with my zone is super fun, so I like meal time =). The investigator I was teaching (she was a member playing an investigator) agreed to baptism. I’m still going to count it lol. I have been able to do two family names at the temple! 


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I am in District 50, there are two sets of elders and two sets of sisters. The sisters are pretty cool, but my favorite is sister Passey (she reminds me of Tawny), we act like companions but my companion is really Sister Moan. It’s ok though, all four of us are together all of the time anyways. My comp and I are the Sister training leaders (female zone leaders), and I am the senior companion this week. The food here is so unhealthy, I have to remind myself not to eat dessert after every single meal, but the wraps are tasty. I got to see the temple dedication and it was so cool to watch thousands of hankies flying in the air at the same time. I went to the temple today and got to see a new video! The temple is always a good experience. Every second of my days are planned out, so I feel so tired every night, but it’s amazing to see just how much we can do and learn each day. We sit in class for most of the time, which can be boring, but we get to learn so much that it’s all worth it. one elder cried for the first three days straight, but he’s getting better now. The rest of the missionaries have acclimated well. It’s super hot, but it’s also a dry heat so I don’t mind. I can’t wait to go out and get started!  I do love home, but I’m not home sick. Have a fantastic week!